Jacob Williams
Friday 20th March, 2015

Untruths be told

Untruths be told

For the past few weeks, senior council officers and cabinet members have been meeting with the public around the county in engagement events facilitated by an external company.

It’s all part of this new drive the council is on to say goodbye to yesteryear and hello to the new dawn as the whole circus limps down the yellow brick road into the rising sun, turning over a new leaf into a fresh era of openness and transpar…you get the idea.

They give a time and place for ratepayers to put forward constructive criticism and make suggestions for improvement in a ‘workshop’ format.

I’m reliably informed at one of these events held in Pembroke Dock the subject of this website was cited from the floor as a compendium of the constant stream of County Hall scandals under the current regime.

My source informs me that the leader, Cllr. Jamie Adams, implied that this website’s content should be treated with caution as it’s merely opinion.

One suspects – but cannot be sure – that the leader’s surroundings gave him a false sense of security. That, as he was in Pembroke Dock, he could air such views and assume they would be met with universal accord.

I’m told that the leader’s dismissive bluster about this website didn’t go down as well as he probably hoped.

Jamie may have most of the town’s county councillors in his pocket (Brian Hall elected independent, Sue Perkins elected Labour, Alison Lee elected Labour) but that doesn’t mean the townsfolk are similarly hanging on his every word.

On the contrary, reader comments posted on this website and others suggest there’s a burgeoning backlash among some of the Dock’s more vocal inhabitants who are unhappy that their town’s representatives have exchanged their principles for Jamie’s shillings but are powerless to do anything about it.

Who could forget the last time our dear leader set foot in Pembroke Dock? When he put on his scruffy clothes and ventured up into the attic of the town’s former Coronation School.

Jamie undertook his visit to the Victorian building – which has since been converted into a bedsit block – with his then chum and cabinet member with responsibility for heritage property restoration grants, Cllr. David Pugh.

The pair were desperately trying to collate evidence of their own ahead of the December 2013 council meeting to disprove Cllr. Mike Stoddart’s long-running claims of impropriety in public grant awards associated with England-dwelling Irish property mogul Cathal McCosker, who owns the old school.

Specifically, the duo were poking around in the attic to dispel Cllr. Stoddart’s claim that huge sums of grant money awarded to McCosker – aka the ‘Baron of the Bedsits’ – for a total re-roofing job at the huge building were simply not spent. Or, at least, not on a new roof.

What Adams and Pugh discovered was that the section of the building’s numerous cavernous attic spaces which they happened to poke their heads into, had, indeed, been re-roofed.

When they came back to full council they gave every impression they had inspected the whole of the roof from the inside and testified that they had seen with their own eyes that it had been completely reslated.

Subsequent revelations have shown that it is impossible to see the whole of the roof from a single attic space as there are multiple lofts not connected to each other.

Coronation SchoolPerhaps more convincingly, replete with slipped tiles, lichen and sprouting greenery, close-up photographic evidence may offer the strongest suggestion yet that the roof and chimney stacks haven’t been radically overhauled at any time during this millennium as they were both supposed to have been.

And, while we’re on the topic of the leader’s integrity, he was caught out twice the Thursday before last for spouting untruths at full council meetings.

The first was when he was asked by the author of that other website – Cllr. Mike Stoddart – if he had ever met David Daycock. Mr. Daycock is the current monitoring officer with the local fire authority and is the chap who’s being fitted up behind the scenes and through the back door to replace PCC’s retiring monitoring officer, Laurence Harding.

The leader told the chamber he’d never met the man. It took an intervention from the acting head of paid service, Ian Westley, to remind Jamie that they had met. According to Mr. Westley, not only had they met but Mr. Westley introduced them – in the corridor, apparently – where the pair even shook hands!

As incidental as Mr. Westley’s intervention may have appeared to those watching this month’s meeting on the webcam, I’m reliably informed by Cllr. Stoddart that just before the meeting began he had a conversation with Mr. Westley, during which he divulged to Mr. Westley that he knew Cllr. Adams had met Mr. Daycock.

By intervening – little option did he have otherwise – it was Mr. Westley who exposed the leader’s cavalier way with the facts for all and sundry.

Either that or the leader’s memory of the Daycock handshake really did evade him. Such a bout of amnesia would still be difficult to understand because the meet and greet must have taken place since Christmas when the council gave the leader authority to only “explore” the possibility of sharing a monitoring officer with another authority.

But Jamie does have a history of memory trouble. It could have been a relapse of the very long spell of forgetfulness which afflicted him between 2008-2012, where he failed to keep on top of his mileage claims. He managed to catch up though, by submitting four years’ worth of backdated travelling expenses – but only once he knew his council seat was safely in the bag.

It was also revealed during the full council meeting earlier this month that Cllr. Adams made a claim at last July’s full council meeting which was even more unlikely.

It’s in relation to the former council youth worker and now-convicted paedophile, Mik Smith. The leader said that, despite receiving two emails from one of the whistleblowers (Sue Thomas) back in 2005, the then chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones knew next to nothing of the internal investigation into Smith’s conduct.

This claim was of dubious veracity because it was later revealed, during a seminar laid on for councillors in November, that the second of two internal investigations into Smith was conducted by “a trainee in the chief executive’s department.”

Mr. Smith, who was sent to prison last summer for offences not committed in connection with his youth worker role at PCC, was long suspected of improper behaviour with youngsters during his time with the council. He received two separate internal rebukes, in 2005 and 2006, but kept his job whilst the key whistleblower against him – who refused to work alongside who she considered to be a danger to youngsters – ended up getting the sack.

In 2010, whilst he was still working for the council, Mr. Smith applied to become a foster carer. The saga gets even more depressing at this point because despite having twice blotted his copy book, Smith was given a clean reference by his senior boss, the county council’s recently-retired youth services manager, Eirian Evans.

This, despite the fact that it was Mr. Evans who had headed up the disciplinary proceedings against Smith and administered a verbal warning in 2005 and a written warning in 2006.

Mr. Smith’s application which could have given him unfettered access to kids in his own home was, ultimately, unsuccessful, but only because one of the foster panel members just happened to be aware – purely by chance – that Smith had previously been censured for inappropriate behaviour in his career with the council.

As Cllr. Adams was forced to admit earlier this month, Smith’s failure to become a registered foster parent wasn’t the result of tight controls at County Hall he led us all to believe at the July full council.

The Coronation School re-roofing shtick was knowingly misleading. Whether the leader knowingly misled council about Bryn Parry-Jones’ knowledge of internal investigations into allegations against the council’s now-convicted paedophile youth worker’s unhealthy interest in youngsters, or he was repeating what he had been told, we may never be sure.

The same can be said for the leader’s remarks that the reason Mik Smith didn’t become a foster carer was because of the council’s due diligence.

If, like Jamie, you find it difficult to determine if something’s passed off as fact or passed off as opinion, you may find one of my golden rules of use: if it’s passed through the lips of Jamie Adams it’s probably best to treat it with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Grave discovery

Spaniards the world over are rejoicing at the discovery of the remains of their country’s literary hero, Miguel de Cervantes.


Pugh delivering his notorious ‘Don Quixote’ speech, December 2013

Readers may recall that Cervantes’ Don Quixote is a favourite of Golden DonQui laureate Cllr. David Pugh.

Indeed, Cllr. Pugh is positively inspired by this chivalric tale of the ingenious gentleman of La Manchat.

In a blundering speech at the Christmas 2013 full council meeting Cllr. Pugh (he of attic-hunting fame) accused Cllr. Mike Stoddart of Don Quixote-like paranoia and “tilting at windmills” over the persistent claims he was making of impropriety in the Pembroke Dock historic property restoration grant schemes.

At the time Cllr. Stoddart was something of a lone voice expressing concerns to nothing but a stone wall from council officers. But subsequent developments have seen the council refer dossiers to the police whose criminal investigation into the affair is ongoing.

Cervantes’ coffin – and body – were known to have disappeared late in the 17th century. Their whereabouts remained a mystery until state of the art technology and the finest Spanish bonehunters made the breakthrough last week, discovering his relocated tomb.

In a long-forgotten crypt at a Madrid convent, some 400 years after his death in 1616, forensic scientists are thought to have found and disinterred the remains of the celebrated author, his wife, and a coffin marked with the initials MC.

As difficult a task as it no doubt was to find the Don Quixote author’s earthly remains, the same crack discovery team may be our only hope in finding the even more elusive third side elevation at number 25 Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock.

Or the vastly over-inflated square meterage of rendering and paint to coat said side elevation. Or the thousands of pounds of publicly-funded grant cash for roof tiles that don’t appear to have been laid at Coronation School.

A much easier discovery may be the comparatively recent burial site of Cllr. Pugh’s cabinet career.

An article I read stated that the Cervantes couple’s exhumed remains are now undergoing DNA analysis which scientists hope will enable hubby and wife’s skeletons to be identified and separated, pending a dignified reinterment together in a suitably signposted final resting place.

Let’s hope they can put similar technology to good use in Haverfordwest to separate the remnants of Cllr. Pugh’s cabinet career from those of Cllrs. Ken Rowlands and David Simpson, which suffered similarly involuntary demises.

Snap out of it


Old Grumpy’s kitchen fauxtograph

I notice the author of that other website’s made a brazen attempt to get down with the working classes – an Ed Miliband-style photo, mug in hand, in his ever so humble mod-con-free kitchen.

I hate to spoil the illusion but I’ve been in the Grumpy household’s kitchen and it’s nothing at all like the poky utilitarian low-ceilinged laundry room which forms the backdrop to his staged snap.

And even if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have known about it because the old skinflint’s forever grumbling about how much he had to fork out for a brand new fitted kitchen last year after he finally caved into the pressure from ‘er indoors. She’d been angling for years for better kitchen facilities to fry Grumpy’s morning bacon and eggs.

After that’s out of the way he’ll usually turn his grumbles to Grumpette’s failure to clean behind the fridge, or the latest claim he’ll have read about climate change in the Daily Telegraph.

Pretending to be working class to curry popular favour may work with some, but Mike’s claim that his posed snap offers “picture-proof of the Spartan conditions at Grumpy Towers” is audacity in the extreme.

An interesting nickname for his abode, too, considering that when the then Young Grumpy was brought up in Cumberland it was in a sprawling lakeside pile called Highmoor Mansion – complete with its own bell tower!

I understand that Grumpette refused to take her husband’s ‘kitchen’ propaganda photo whilst he was wearing his England rugby shirt like he wanted, for fear of stirring up hatred.

At least one of them can relate to the ordinary man on the street!

Grumpy Towers

The original Grumpy Towers

A new meeting has been arranged to scrutinise cabinet’s decision to close down community learning centres across the county. It follows the bungled handling of my call-in which I submitted in February to the older persons overview and scrutiny committee. The meeting that’s now been convened to consider my call-in is of the less appropriate children and families overview and scrutiny committee, on which the ruling group’s councillors have a stronger majority. It takes place at 2pm on 30th March at County Hall.

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  • Indepedant

    I’m just glad that Mr Evans received a tailor made package of ‘training and development around child protection issues’ (to quote the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding).

    Shouldn’t they have checked that he had this prior to becoming the council’s Head of Youth Services? Oh hang on, that would be a ridiculous idea!

  • Angry of Fishguard

    Well all I can say is that whilst Mr Evans was in charge of youth clubs in Fishguard he commanded and received great respect for the wonderful work he did above and beyond the call of duty. Something went very wrong in this particular case and clearly there is a lot we don’t know.

  • Indepedant, according to Cllr Sue Perkins the council’s reaction was:

    “…the head of youth service had an assessment of his training and development needs in relation to safeguarding. This was undertaken by council social workers and the assessment recommended an individual package of training and support around how to approach and understand safeguarding issues and how to manage disciplinary investigations. This was put in place.”

    We can all sleep easy in our beds now we know that PCC don’t mess about when someone with a proven sexual interest in children is given a clean reference to become a foster parent.

  • Deno

    Now it’s in the public domain that the Welsh European Fund Office have recovered £309,000 from Pembrokeshire County Council regarding ineligible claims against the Pembroke Dock Commercial Grant Scheme, does anyone know how much PCC have recovered from Mr Cathal McCosker and his associates?

  • Keanjo

    Jacob, on the subject of untruths and excuses, the latest by Dr Jones on the cancellation of the Pembrokeshire Fish Week event takes the biscuit and compares favourably with his previous efforts over administration failures in the Pembroke Dock grant schemes.

    I know you may not wish to criticise officers directly but a post on officers’ excuses over the past year or so could be very interesting and entertaining.

  • Angry of Fishguard, there can be no trade-off between past good works and what appears to have been be a serious error of judgment that could have put vulnerable children in harm’s way.

    As you say, “clearly there is a lot we don’t know”. I am currently trying to close that knowledge gap, but the council is proving to be very reluctant to co-operate.

    And, with the exception of Cllr Paul Miller and Jacob, my fellow councillors don’t seem too much bothered, either. No votes in it, you see!

  • Indepedant

    ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’

    Thank goodness for the few good men who refuse to do nothing.

  • Billy Dokar

    We need to draw a distinction here between the Leader and the Cabinet. Cabinet members other than the Leader will only PROBABLY lie to you.

    Top tip: you can tell when Jamie Adams isn’t telling the whole truth. His lips are moving!

  • Kate Becton

    I’m not often speechless – but I am now. Can’t take it all in – I can’t believe that Councillors are not concerned by the fact that vulnerable children have been put at risk.

    Believe me I am not a very maternal person, as my children would, no doubt, attest, but the idea that what I was told – that we, as Councillors, were ‘corporate parents’ is clearly beyond the comprehension of the majority of those elected to protect children in their ‘care’.

    I very much hope that the lady who sacrificed her job because she could not cope with what was going on is well and happy in a new post – does anyone know?

  • Rockface

    Why does it appear that council officers get huge pay outs following questionable practice within the council?

  • Oliver Cromwell

    It is good to have sunlight shed into the murky corners of Pembrokeshire County Council. But as the smoke clears and the mirrors crack, the accumulation of filth can be depressing.

    Such feeling is aggravated by the seeming lack of justice served upon those who appear to have abused their positions.

    Where are the rolling heads? Allowing miscreants to sneak away behind ‘retirement,’ ‘resignation’ or ‘pay-off’ deals, only adds to the sense of injustice.

    The Pembroke Dock grant scandal must end in prosecution. Equally, the Mik Smith affair. The fact that the youth services manager (Eirian Evans) has retired should not place him beyond reproach.

    His conduct should be investigated and if necessary, dealt with, as with those across the country who are being investigated for historic child abuse whatever their age, status, or however long ago the allegations arose.

    It cannot be right that Mr Evans is seen to get away with his apparent negligence, or possibly worse.

    Also the Mik Smith whistleblower, Ms Sue Thomas, has suffered a major injustice, and must not only be exonerated but financially compensated for her treatment at the hands of PCC. (Taxpayers’ money properly spent! From the Legal budget?).

    Justice must be seen to be done.

  • Martin Lewis

    I could say a whole lot more than Angry of Fishguard on Eirian Evans providing the reference for Mik Smith to become a foster carer.

    Mr Evans gave Mik Smith a reference in the FULL knowledge of his inappropriate behaviour (which he was twice disciplined for) whilst employed in the council’s youth services.

    I’m sure many people lauded the charity work that Jimmy Savile did at Stoke Mandeville hospital, it didn’t change the fact that he was the most predatory paedophile that this country has ever known.

    Whether Mr Evans did good work at the youth clubs in Fishguard is irrelevant and I can’t believe you’ve posted such a comment.

    Hitler did good work in creating almost full employment by employing people to build autobahns and tanks…you can guess the rest.

  • Flashbang

    As quite a few councillors have been caught out lying at council meetings surely this makes their position untenable and they should be compelled to resign. Isn’t that the honourable thing to do?

    Don’t they understand that their word is their bond and being caught lying makes them the lowest of the low? They most certainly can’t be trusted and their fellow councillors and the electorate should make sure they know it.

  • Fishguard Boy

    Scrutiny on the 30th March by a committee that has a stronger Independent Plus Political Group representation. It also has a Labour Chair, Cllr Pat Davies, who depending on which version you choose to believe, fully supports the call in.

    That is what she claims in this week’s County Echo despite the version of events published on your site Jacob.

    However I find her version just reinforces the nickname she has in Fishguard, Paranoid Pat.

  • Flashbang, expecting the IPPG to do the honourable thing is a triumph of hope over experience.

    You say: “They most certainly can’t be trusted and their fellow councillors and the electorate should make sure they know it.”

    Unfortunately, when the matter was put to the test at the extraordinary meeting on September 12 last year, the IPPG voted down a motion of no confidence in the Leader by 29 – 20.

    With the exception of Cllr Myles Pepper, all the IPPG members present supported Cllr Adams and they were helped along by unaffiliated councillors Phil Kidney who voted with the ruling group and Mike Evans who abstained.

    You can read the minutes and voting record here.

  • Martin Lewis

    Why are Phil Kidney and in particlar Mike Evans so keen to assist Adams? Evans’ voting habits have been perplexing in the last 18 months or so.

  • Faux Espoir

    Just when did Eirian Evans retire from the council?

    Might it have been after concerns were being raised over the aforementioned reference he provided for Mik Smith to become a foster carer?

    Another child safeguarding incident within Pembrokeshire which causes concern. Reference may need to be made to the officer responsible for safeguarding our young people at the time, and his subsequent promotion to Director of Education until thankfully Estyn stepped in.

  • The Rock

    Jacob, given your comments about the leader’s inspection of Coronation School, I thought it might be an idea to have another look at the webcast for the 12th December 2013 council meeting to reacquaint myself with the facts.

    I thought I remembered some person at a meeting stating that the cost of inspecting the ‘whole’ roof would cost about £1,000.

    However whilst rooting around I did find the leader’s comment (minute 148) of the March 2014 meeting that it was inappropriate to suggest that ‘it was the Authority who had referred the matter to the Police and it was inappropriate to suggest that this amounted to hiding the matter’.

    However the 12th Dec webcast seems to have gone missing, so much for suggesting they are not trying to hide something.

    I cannot remember if the scope of the police enquiries (or lack of them) into the Grants Scheme covered the THI Coronation School Scheme. I cannot recall any mention of it. Can anybody clarify the situation?

    Given the excessive cost to the people of Pembrokeshire so far .It would seem that the risk analysis people employed by the council ought to have calculated the cost and chance of further risks associated with the possible repayment of THI grant funds that would occur if the roof is not to specification, balanced against the relatively small cost of a thorough inspection that would clear up the matter once and for all.

    But then as the leader suggested, it was inappropriate to suggest they might be hiding something. Well it might not be polite but it could be true. They could easily put an end to the matter and carry out a proper inspection. But this is Pembrokeshire County Council and the IPPG.

  • Nev Andrews

    I agree with and am quite interested in an aside made by Martin Lewis in one of his comments in this thread regarding how Cllr Mike Evans votes at times.

    Very often, we see points very firmly or exasperatingly made by Cllr Evans attacking a motion which is then perplexingly followed by “Cllr Mike Evans…(response) Abstain” as opposed to the expected (and consistent with his rhetoric) “Against”.

    Perhaps Cllr Williams could employ his intuition and analytical skills to bring us his view on his colleague’s voting patterns, just to add balance to the understandable criticisms of the IPPG on here?

  • Rock, Cllr Adams was trying to claim that, as the council had referred the matter to the police, it couldn’t be accused of trying to hide anything.

    What he failed to mention was that he and senior officers had spent almost six-months trying to cover things up (see http://oldgrumpy.co.uk/2014/1375/anatomy-of-a-cover-up/) and it was only after Jacob and I inspected the files at County Hall and presented the director of finance with the clearest possible evidence of irregularities in the tender process at 10 Meyrick Street (see http://oldgrumpy.co.uk/2014/548/unknown-quantities/) that they were forced to act.

    I also notice on reading the minutes of the meeting in March 2014 that Adams accused me of being “disingenuous” for tabling a notice of no confidence in David Pugh.

    Pugh, you will recall, made a speech at the meeting on 12 December 2013 in which he made several false claims about the projects in Pembroke Dock, including an outright lie regarding what he had seen when he visited the attic at Coronation School.

    He ended his oration by saying that I didn’t have the truth on my agenda.

    It only goes to show just how far into the political gutter Pembrokeshire County Council has descended when an attempt to hold Pugh to account can be described as “disingenuous”.

    Mind you, as the Leader had told exactly the same lie about their excursion into the attic, it is understandable why he would seek to defend Pugh.

    In the event, Pugh survived by 24-22 thanks to the votes of Cllrs Mike Evans and Phil Kidney (both unaffiliated) though nine members couldn’t make their minds up whether lying to the council was worthy of censure and abstained.

    The record can be found at http://mgenglish.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?ID=19942&LLL=0

  • Malcolm Calver

    Jacob, it would be interesting to hear the views of the contributors or readers of this website that attended the “meet the public” sessions organized around the county by Pembrokeshire County Council.

    I actually attended the one held in Pembroke Town Hall and I must say how disappointed I was at the format of the meeting. The probably highly paid facilitators had obviously been primed to keep a distance between members of the public and county councillors and in fact one county councillor informed me at a later date that they had been instructed not to communicate with members of the public attending.

    Surely the meeting could and should have been organized in a way that would have allowed both council personnel and county councillors, to face direct questions from those attending.

    One of those in attendance at the meeting acting like a “queen bee” was Cllr Perkins from Pembroke Dock. I’m sure that if the meeting had been open she would have been questioned both as to her role as a cabinet member and her decision to betray her electorate by leaving the Labour Party, on whose ticket she was elected, and becoming another IPG group stooge.

    Also in attendance was the leader of the council Cllr Jamie Adams sneaking around as usual from table to table but seemed unable/unwilling to receive direct questions in open session from those that pay his salary.

    Another waste by Pembrokeshire County Council of taxpayers’ money.

  • Martin Lewis

    Mike Stoddart’s latest comment gives a perfect example of how Mike Evans talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

    When the webcasts started, I was impressed with his oration and opposition to the various high profile issues presenting themselves at the time.

    But it eventually became obvious that whatever his reasons, he was never going to go for the IPPG jugular when the chips were down.

    How anyone could possibly abstain in the vote against Pugh is beyond me and is just one example in a long line of examples of the corruption and disgraceful behaviour shown by so many councillors at PCC.

  • Powertothepeople

    Deno, do you honestly think that the IPPG will bother to chase after the ‘Bedsit Baron’ for the lost money? It didn’t come out of their pockets so why should they bother.

  • Timetraveller

    Powertothepeople is quite right about not chasing the Bedsit Baron for lost money. He may have connections that could be more than a bit embarrassing. Better leave him be (and quiet.)

  • John Hudson

    I note that the WAO is to conduct a corporate assessment of the council. In the cabinet report 16 March 2015, reference is made to a WAO preliminary corporate assessment report for PCC issued in July 2010.

    This generally upbeat report makes several references to longstanding strong corporate management. Specific reference is made to the CEO being in post since 1995/96 and the strong, stable, political majority.

    While citizens seem to be excluded from this exercise councillors have been invited to participate and give their views.

    I do hope that in the light of more recent events, the assessment will focus some attention on how and why things have gone so wrong, and what influenced the WAO’s preliminary favourable assessment findings, which may have given a false sense of comfort.

    (This dates back to the days of the previous auditor and the relationship manager, although the preliminary assessment was conducted by an independent assessment team).

  • Paul Absalom

    I like Billy Dokar’s comment. Many a truth told in jest.

  • Still Disgruntled

    I may be just a grunt looking up from the ranks of the great unwashed but, it seems to me that the new broom of transparency has not swept through “Bryn’s old Bunker” as effectively as it should have.

    It looks like the same old grabbers are still grabbing, even though they may now have to spread the spoils a bit more widely now that Unccie Bryn has gone to spend his county inheritance elsewhere.

    I think that if I was checking that a rather large contract had indeed been undertaken to a satisfactory level only to be found to be wrong in my assessment and/or wrong in my follow up report, it would have serious implications for my future employment and professional standing.

    For example, “go and check that each window has been replaced on that building as agreed in this very expensive contract” (not hard you would think) – I go off and check the new window nearest my Porsche as I drive past, comb-over blowing in the a/c, the building (well its raining, I’m not getting out, I’ve only just had this suit dry-cleaned) assuming (ass of u and me) that all other windows would have been replaced.

    I return and tell my boss “yep, that was a squillion quid well spent – all windows are spanky and new ‘cos I personally fiddled with the catches on each and every one”.

    Of course, only the one facing the road had been done – the others were bricked up. I think my boss/stakeholders would be advertising my post on a job search website the next day…but this is PCC (Perks, Claims and Cars)…nuff said!

  • Fishguard Boy

    Jacob, I hope you are going to post on the Scrutiny Committee call in re the Adult Education Centres.

    My local Councillor is still claiming she was going to call this decision in and told the Town Council that the decision would be fully scrutinised with all the financial evidence demanded and the logic behind it clearly questioned.

    Then I read on the Telegraph site that the recommendation from her committee was that the Cabinet set up a task and finish group to do this job.

    How can the Cabinet scrutinise their own decision and what is the point of Pat’s committee if they don’t do the scrutiny themselves? Alternatively I have it completely wrong and Pat is truly the people’s champion she portrays herself as.

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