Jacob Williams
Thursday, 14th November, 2013

Christmas panto

Christmas panto

I notice the author of that other website has expressed some of his concerns over PCC’s upcoming introduction of live streaming and filming of council meetings.

Old Grumpy’s concerns are purely vanity-driven. He isn’t sure when the first meeting is going to be showcased to the wider world, but he’s going to get a fresh haircut ahead of the December 12th council meeting, just in case.

DecemberA quick check of the website from which these audio/visual delights are going to be streamed, suggests that the Christmas meeting is, indeed, going to be the inaugural event. It’s been a long time coming (Show-stopper), too, because councillors unanimously voted to approve the year-long trial of this scheme back in May, from a proposal originally from Cllr. David Howlett, who had instead requested “that members of the public be allowed to film public Council meetings as long as they do not impede or obstruct proceedings.”

Sitting in your favourite arm chair, from the comfort of your own home is surely a much more inviting prospect than traipsing to Haverfordwest from all corners of the county, to play a non-speaking part, silently observing a council meeting that’s unfolding before you.

No, I’m not talking about certain members of the ruling IPG who have never been known to contribute to council meetings, but you, the members of the public who wish to observe your sixty representatives in action.

Not only will you be able to enjoy it all from the comfort of your own homes, of course, but the recordings will be saved for posterity in an archive for subsequent viewing(s) at your leisure. There are also numerous other advantages, such as the ability to make noises and gestures without fear of recriminations, or evil stares from the chairman.

Whereas observers in the County Hall public gallery have to maintain a hushed demeanour and stay on their best behaviour, before long you’ll be able to shout and scream whatever you like, whenever you like, live, exactly when it’s being said. For example, when listening to your favourite cabinet members attributing total blame for something or other to the governing Labour party in Cardiff Bay, or the Tories in Westminster – take your pick depending on your persuasion!

As an added bonus, whenever Cllr. Mike Stoddart rises to his feet to make a speech, you can take it as a handy cue to plod off into the kitchen to stick the kettle on, or continue with the menial house chores, like cleaning behind the fridge!

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