Jacob Williams
Tuesday 9th May, 2017




IN A DRAMATIC turn of events this evening Jamie Adams has scrabbled to keep hold of his leadership of Pembrokeshire County Council amid a hard fought challenge by Cllr. David Simpson.

The evening started poorly for Adams with a low turnout at the 5pm meeting I revealed he was holding with his fellow IPPG councillors in Haverfordwest.

Shortly after, with his hold of the leadership slipping, the desperate dairy farmer reached out to see if he could muster any support from PCC’s newly-elected councillors.

In a last-ditch effort to drum-up support for his ailing position, Adams bizarrely connected with ALL newbies including Labour, Plaid Cymru, and Tories – by email.

Reproduced in full below, Jamie says he intends to “stand again for the position” and invites new members to see him midday, Thursday, where he “will be happy to discuss any matter and to scope out [his] thoughts for the future.”

Adams’ shameless attempt comes AFTER Labour had already confirmed it would be backing Simpson for the top job, with Plaid Cymru widely expected to join forces to end the era of rank patronage perfected by Adams.

News also reaches JW this evening that Cllr. Adams hopes to hold a leadership debate with Simpson, and that he’s also thinking outside the box to woo Conservative councillors, whose votes are essential if he’s to cling to power.

The deadline for leadership applicants falls tomorrow, with all nominees going to the the 25th May AGM, for a vote by PCC’s sixty councillors.

Accordingly, Adams thinks he may get more support from the Conservatives if he emulates Simpson’s approach – by standing as an unaffiliated candidate and selling himself as a safe pair of hands – or by changing the name of his electorally-battered party, the IPPG (Independent Plus Political Group) to something more palatable.

Conservative group leader David Howlett has yet to confirm if his members would individually vote to support Adams, the IPPG, or whatever might emerge from the ashes, but told the Pembrokeshire Herald there is “no appetite for entering into a coalition.”

On the suggestion that Adams may already have poached new Tories, Howlett denies any of his new members “have given any sign of wanting to sign up to another group.”

With his party’s dramatic increase in seat share at last week’s election, Cllr. Howlett told the Herald it was “time for someone else to lead the group” as he has other commitments.

The Conservatives’ new leader will be selected next week, to take the helm of the party in what Howlett says “will be a much-changed council.”

It remains to be seen who this “much-changed council” Howlett speaks of will be led by, and how his cohort will vote.


From: Cllr. Jamie Adams
Date: 9 May 2017 at 19:05

Dear All

Firstly my congratulations on your election to Council, I hope you will find the role both challenging and stimulating

I would like an opportunity to meet with you all to discuss the role of Council Leader. As you will appreciate I have undertaken this challenging role for the previous term and intend to stand again for the position to continue to put the services and people of Pembrokeshire first in our decision making. You may well have a number of questions you may wish to ask and I will be happy to discuss any matter and to scope out my thoughts for the future

I am aware that the majority of new Members will be attending an introductory session with senior officers on Thursday so I would be grateful if you could allow me an hour of your time at midday to discuss this matter. If anyone is unable to make this time then I can make myself available at our mutual convenience

Kind regards

PS – Could someone in the Conservative Group please forward to Sam Kurtz and David Boswell whose email addresses are not on the list- Thanks

Councillor Jamie Adams

I have started writing my post-mortem of some of the key races and results in last week’s election, I expect to publish it this weekend.

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  • Larry T Lamb

    A debate? No doubt chaired by someone from the Western Telepravda!

    Sample questions:

    “So tell us how wonderful you are again Cllr Adams.”

    “Cllr Simpson, when did you stop drowning kittens?”

  • Pauline Boswell

    Get Adams out.

  • Malcolm Calver

    There are many of the political class at County Hall and the community who have a downer on Cllr Adams for various reasons.

    The question is: did voters who supported candidates who described themselves as being ‘independent’ want them to conduct themselves in the same shady manner as the majority of previous independent councillors?

    It is no good councillors complaining about the antics of the IPG whilst engaging in the same antics themselves, which obviously there has been if Cllr Miller of the Labour Party is proposed as deputy leader.

  • John Cole

    It’s strange that as a newbie and being aware of Jamie’s meeting, I was not asked to attend the 5pm start, but sent an email long after.

    There’s a big difference between Jamie and David, I and others were made aware of David’s meeting and invited to the beginning.

  • Barrie Smith

    Back to farming, Jamie. Do the honourable thing and withdraw your nomination.

    You have done your stint, go and have afternoon tea with BPJ and write your memoirs together.

  • Barrie Smith

    Malcolm your comments are valid I am sure it’s scratch my back, non nod wink wink.

    Rob Summons defected to the Conservatives, he saw the writing on the wall. If Jamie stands and does not get elected the next 5 years will be a long grind sat in the back. And the salary drop.

    Perhaps Jamie would be better not standing…

  • Jon Lowndes

    Malcolm Calver is being a bit presumptive in his assertion that Paul Miller has been proposed as Deputy Leader under the same antics as the last ruling party.

    Consider this, he may just be a man that’s capable of doing a good job and this has been recognised by Cllr Simpson. After all, he has promised jobs will be given to the best people available to do them. Not everything is collusion. I think Cllr Miller will be very good at the job.

  • Ivor Whistle

    The trouble with making one individual a scapegoat you overlook the other 59 who should have stood up and be counted.

    Now the people have expressed their displeasure of the past few years, the new representatives must remember that they are elected to serve their respective wards, and not to ‘turn a blind eye’ to goings-on.

    However, I still believe that, given time, another outing of ‘Animal Farm’ may occur.

    It is up to the elected councillors to ensure that they remember their promises made last week!

  • Paul Absalom

    It is time for a new start at county hall, Jacob had the highest number of votes of any councillor in the county, how about it?

  • Second highest, Paul!

    The only councillor who received more votes than me is Simon Hancock.

    Would somebody please call the doctor?!

  • Andrew Lye

    As power slips from Jamie, he seems to be the last person who wants to accept the game is up.

    If the Tories jump into bed with Jamie and prop him and the IPPG up, they know there will be uproar across Pembrokeshire. And as the new Council meets before the 8th June general election, it seems to suggest that the Tories are snookered at a time they want Steven Crabb and Simon Hart re-elected.

    Why are the Tories unable to say which way they intend to jump? Surely they must know that the IPPG are yesterday’s men?

    If the Tories want to see the good name of Pembrokeshire County Council restored, they cannot support the IPPG. It’s as simple as that.

  • Goldingsboy

    Time to ascend the ladder, Jacob.

  • Ivor Whistle

    What puzzles me is that why no one has suggested yourself or that other ‘titan’ Mr Stoddart as potential leader.

    The most effective way to allow change to happen is to be in that position to do so. I would have thought that the vast majority of ‘independent’ members would openly support the members who have been championing the need to do the right thing.

    Now may be the time, Jacob and Mike, to do the right thing.

    I would also suggest that members who did not openly support this would be party to allowing the status quo to continue.

  • Barrie Smith

    Plaid Cymru have announced they are going with Simpson.

  • Malcolm Calver

    To Ivor Whistle I would say please remember most of the culprits for all the poor decisions are still employed at County Hall still being paid vast salaries.

    Both Mike and Jacob will be needed to carry out scrutiny at County Hall for years to come.

  • Ivor Whistle

    To Malcolm, I would have thought that the only way to CHANGE behaviour at County Hall is to effect change, not just scrutinise.

    It is a golden opportunity for the truly ‘Independents’ to elect ‘men of integrity’ to the post of leader. I would have expected most of the so called independents to support the few who have been vocal in the past few years.

    Are you saying that Jacob or Mr Stoddart would not be able to change the council’s way forward? Given their points raised over the past few years I’d have thought that they were the way forward.

    Are you suggesting that they are only there to scrutinise? That would tend to suggest that in the next few years we will end up with the same old
    performance. Animal farm reigns again.

    Come on Jacob or Mr Stoddart, throw you hat into the ring too and effect real change, not perceived change!

    I would suggest that real independents would support either, given the support they appear to have from the voters of Pembrokeshire.

  • Malcolm Calver

    I would suggest the wheeler dealing behind the scenes between Labour, Plaid and the truly independent councillors has realised that Cllr Simpson would have support from some of his previous colleagues in the IPPG when Mike and Jacob would not.

    If Cllr Simpson is elected that is only the initial stage, the enemy within with vested interests will still be there.

  • Ivor Whistle

    So, are you saying Malcolm, that the ‘so called truly independents’ would actually be going against those that voted for them?

    You need to effect change from the top, you can lead policy change from the front.

    So, if you are correct, nothing will change.

  • Barrie Smith

    Conservatives have agreed to support Simpson, that is about 26 votes confirmed, he only needs another 5.

    Rob Summons has also been chosen to become leader of the Conservative Party. How a leopard can change his spots, he was an IPPG candidate at the previous election.

  • Ivor Whistle

    It looks like the ‘Truly Independents’ or whatever else is the flavour of the month should be re-named the ‘Self Interest Group’.

    It’s an opportunity missed by both Jacob and Mr Stoddart to have someone, who appears to have strong ethics, running the show.

    It’s pretty pointless pointing out shortcomings from the wings when the mechanism that controls the power shrugs its collective shoulders and carries on regardless.

    As I’ve said before, only from the top can change be effected. So get climbing that ladder!!!

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