Jacob Williams
Thursday 2nd May, 2013

STOP PRESS: Perkins ditches Labour for IPG

STOP PRESS: Perkins ditches Labour for IPG

Readers of my site may remember a few weeks ago my prediction that Cllr. Sue Perkins, who was sitting in the cabinet as a Labour member, would jump ship and join the ruling IPG.

I received a tip-off this afternoon telling me that Cllr. Perkins has done just that.

Proof can be found on the ‘county councillors’ section of the PCC website.

I’m on the tennis court right now but I’ll post a further update later this evening. Meanwhile, readers can do a cursory check of ‘that other website.’ He publishes his column on a Thursday, and may scoop me on the inside track – but remember: you heard it here first!

Update, 6.00PM

Perkins profile

Sure enough, the tennis ended sooner than anticipated.

The official line is apparently that, in Labour’s eyes, Cllr. Perkins had done her job, her position in the cabinet had come to an end, and for her to continue as an executive member would be tantamount to propping up an IPG regime.

I’m told these cabinet seats are quite comfortable, so it’s no surprise this news didn’t go down well with Sue.

Quite rightly, the Western Telegraph’s follow-up points to the fact that Cllr. Perkins is in very good company.

Following in the footsteps of Cllr. Ken Rowlands and Cllr. Simon Hancock, Cllr. Perkins is the third member of the council to ditch Labour and be immediately elevated to the cabinet rank. Coincidence? You decide!

It would seem to me that, at least in Pembrokeshire, the days of loyalty, hard work and dedication to seek gradual promotion are long gone. The best advice for wannabe council bigwigs is to stand and get elected as a Labour candidate, switch sides, and let everything fall into place.

Like everybody, I’m looking forward to how this will be explained. No doubt, “the good of Pembrokeshire” and “…to continue the good work” will crop up, but you’ll remember that when she was leader of the Labour party, Cllr. Perkins was red with rage when Cllr. Ken Rowlands joined the IPG. The current Labour leader is Cllr. Paul Miller, and something tells me he’s unlikely to share the same anger or feel aggrieved by the Perkins decampment.

The county council’s AGM is on May 10th and there could be further floor-crossing between now and then.

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  • Dave Edwards

    Eating my words and not liking the taste.

  • Sanctimonious Wally

    32 IPG – 28 The Rest then.

    Seems the majority has stopped shrinking and has actually started growing. But of course, there will be some self serving reason for the Old Grumpy one and Jacob to point to in explaining why this isn’t what it seems, again. Actually, I think your journalistic tendencies have got the better of your emerging political ones by trumpeting this as you have.

    If I was such a committed ‘Ugly’ as yourself, and if being a TRUE independent politician was your TRUE priority, then I would have been inclined to let this emerge ‘elsewhere’ or as you say, on the ‘other’ website. Time to stir things up a little again…

  • This is a bit short on detail. Probably because, from what I hear, the young pretender has sloped off to play tennis this afternoon rather than attend to his blogging duties.

    Still, anyone who wants to read the full story can always log on to Pembrokeshire’s premier political website (http://www.oldgrumpy.co.uk) where it will be available after 6.00 pm.

  • Concerned

    Just gob smacked. I feel really sorry for the loyal foot soldiers who campaign week in week out with no thought of reward, yet as soon as some people get a sniff of power and money they run. A very sad day for Labour in Pembs.

  • Valley-Red

    It appears that loyalty does indeed have a price. For a few members of Pembrokeshire County Council it appears to be about £6,000. Principle takes a back seat to profit. At least Cllr Summons had the integrity to state his position when seeking election. Far, far more respect for him than some of these money grabbing charlatans!!

  • Jon Harvey

    It just gets worse! Have these people got no morals. Owen James defecting from the Tories within days of being elected under their banner. Not to mention those so called Independents who joined the IPG when stating on the door step that they would not e.g. Daphne Bush, now Sue Perkins. If they had any moral fibre they would resign and re-fight their seat in a by-election.

  • Welshman 23

    Spot on Valley Red, Rob Summons was upfront with his intentions.

  • Lizzie-Tish

    Quote from True Blue Sue when Pearl the girl defected to the IPG, link to the article here:


    “This is the third time Cllr Llewellyn has changed sides and crossed the floor when it suited her. She has shown a complete lack of loyalty – to her party and to Pembrokeshire.

    Pembrokeshire and, indeed, Monkton Ward deserves better. Let me assure the people of Monkton the Labour Party will be selecting a Labour candidate to stand against Cllr Llewellyn at the next county council elections.”

    In light of recent revelations the phrase “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” comes to mind.

  • Lizzie-Tish

    Re: your Perkinent headline “Keeping up Appearances” Jacob, I wonder if True Blue Sue’s got plenty of room for a pony!

  • Welshman 23

    In response to Jon Harvey – I hope you put yourself up as a candidate. Good Luck.

  • Harfat Girl

    Loved the link from Lizzie Tish. Hopefully Labour will be putting up a candidate against Cllr Perkins at the next council elections.

  • Well done for reminding me Harfat Girl, it completely slipped my mind.

    ‘Lizzie-tish’ made an excellent find with that one. I have now included a reference to it in my latest post.

  • Jon Harvey

    In reply to Welshman 23, thanks for your kind words. I will certainly do so at the next election for a Pembroke Ward where I hope to have more success than the recent by-election in Burton where not only did I come bottom of the pile but also lost my job as a result of standing!

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