Jacob Williams
Tuesday 1st October, 2013

The radio ham

The radio ham

Following yesterday’s Corporate Governance Committee I was interviewed for BBC Radio Wales by journalist Sarah Moore.

She said it would probably air during the station’s late afternoon/early evening show.

With a whole meeting’s worth of analytical spiel still at the forefront of my mind, I thought there was even a chance this auditory masterpiece could make the Radio 4 evening bulletin. Nonetheless, I was still content with the chance of making it onto ‘Good Evening Wales.’

Later on, ever the relentless self-promoter, I diligently tuned into the wireless waiting for my five minutes of fame.

Readers can only begin to imagine my horror when I realised the starring role wasn’t mine at all. I’d been upstaged by none other than deputy leader and IPG stalwart, Cllr. Huw George.

With a clean conscience, Cllr. George, who had just cast his vote to sign off the council’s accounts, offers the listener his rather, shall we say, unique take on things.

He discusses his understanding of the financial implications for officers who, in his words, ‘risk’ taking up the controversial ‘pensions arrangement,’ and for good measure, the finer points include something about death.

Turns out it’s not tax-saving at all!

Have a listen for yourselves:

(No point listening past the 3:21 mark.)

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  • John Hudson

    Am I right in recalling that the present Leader, when explaining what took place at the 2011 meeting on Monday, did say that the former Leader, John Davies, was then able to advise the Committee based on his experience and involvement with other organisations?

    This advice isn’t recorded in the Minutes of that meeting and may have been persuasive.

  • Hi John, yes, he did say that. I assume that ‘other organisations’ referred to Cllr. John Davies’ involvement with the WLGA, of which at the time he was its leader, as well as the council’s leader.

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