Jacob Williams
Wednesday 11th July, 2012

UPDATE: Tory candidate selection for PCC

UPDATE: Tory candidate selection for PCC

John Davies has pulled out of the race to be adopted as your Conservative party candidate for the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Davies was up against one other Tory, Christopher Salmon, to secure the party’s nomination. He withdrew his candidacy yesterday afternoon, just ahead of his pre-planned evening encounter with Mr. Salmon in Brecon Conservative Club, which would have been the second of the party’s two selection meetings for its members within the Dyfed-Powys force area.

At the first selection meeting on Monday night in Narberth, Davies was seen to have come off worse than his Powys-based opponent. A ballot of members present was taken, and the votes were to be combined with those cast at the Brecon meeting and announced thereafter.

It remains unclear as to Davies’s reasons for backing down, or whether he now intends standing as an independent candidate, which he refused to rule out as a possibility when he went to the newspapers back in May.

I’ll update as and when I hear more, but as only one candidate remains, it appears that the Tories have made their choice — albeit by default.

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  • Joan

    I clicked on your link in this post which went to the Western Telegraph article in May and that story starts by saying he is “putting himself forward as a candidate”, so he would have egg on his face if this is is the end.

    I personally don’t think this is the end and that he’d give up this easily somehow, he hasn’t put much effort in yet and the Labour candidate has only just been selected. Who says he would have lost as a Tory candidate? I think the Conservatives could well win especially somebody with Clr Davies’s experience.

    But it does seem likely now that he won’t be the Conservative candidate so I’m not going to be surprised if he stands for Plaid Cymru. Nerys Evans didn’t lose the assembly election by a huge margin and in this election I think it’s really the personality that counts and I hope he does have the conviction to stand in some form or another. If he doesn’t stand now after telling the newspaper he was going to stand a few weeks ago for no reason then is he really the sort of person we would want in this important position working on our behalves?

    So if Clr Davies does read this I hope he will stand as independent or for Plaid Cymru because it’s the person who matters.

  • Michael Williams

    Joan, I’m sorry to disappoint you but Plaid Cymru only embraces individuals who have principles. That would obviously exclude John Davies.

  • Les

    Cllr Davies led a council which subsequently went on to be severely slated by WAG for failing the county’s children. Has he accepted any responsibility for this? What on earth makes him think that he has the qualities to be a Police and Crime Commissioner after his performance at PCC?

  • PR

    John Davies, with a tiny minority of people in Pembrokeshire voting for him, hid behind the IPG for years, allowing him to oversee an absolute shambles of a council whose failings have finally been shown in the recent child protection failing. He does not live in the real world.

    I tend to lean towards socialism and generally despise Conservatives, but I applaud the local party for realising that he was insulting them deeply by only applying to become a member of the party the day before he made his case to them.

    Unfortunately, within weeks he may once again be a cabinet member as predicted by Cllr Mike Stoddart in his column. What a mess!

  • Bill

    Councillor Davies has the largest majority of any councillor with 751 votes compared to 51 votes for his only opposition which rounds up to 94%.

    Even though he was only voted for in his ward, I don’t think he would have done this well if the voters didn’t have every confidence in his abilities and respect for his dedication.

  • PR

    751 votes out of a population of over 100,000. A tiny minority and it wasn’t the voters of the county that allowed him free rein with the dishing out of SRAs it was his cabinet cronies who were keeping him at the helm.

  • Gwylon Phillips

    Education, Child Protection, what else? And he wants to become a Police Commissioner? Scarcely believe, as Ifans y Tryc would say.

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