Jacob Williams
Wednesday 8th August, 2012

Bomb disposal experts rush to ‘suspect package’ left at County Hall

Bomb disposal experts rush to ‘suspect package’ left at County Hall

Parts of County Hall were evacuated yesterday after a suspect package was left at reception.

Bomb disposal experts were dispatched from Hereford to deal with the offending article, which I understand was a box left on the counter by a member of the public at around 12.30pm.

The incident was concluded by mid-afternoon, and the Western Telegraph has today reported that a 50 year old woman was arrested following the incident.

A few people have asked me if I know what was in the box and who it was intended for. All I can confirm is that the contents were soft and brown.

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  • PR

    People shouldn’t leave Mars Bars as gifts for councillors:

    1. They could be misconstrued as an inducement or bribe.

    2. They melt in this hot weather.


  • You’ve dragged a bit more detail out of me, PR:

    It wasn’t a confection, and the person it was intended for isn’t a councillor!

  • PR

    Spill the beans (or whatever) then Jacob, who was it for and what was it all about?

  • Excrement, intended for a senior County Hall official – you could say it was a ‘double-barrelled’ attack.

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