Jacob Williams
Friday, 15th August, 2014



• CEO to take ‘period of absence’ after his foul-mouthed tirade against councillors goes public

Bryn Parry-Jones, chief executive of Pembrokeshire County Council “is to take a period of absence with immediate effect” according to a statement issued minutes ago by leader of the council, Jamie Adams.

The details of the arrangement are unclear, but it’s claimed to have been made “by mutual agreement” in direct response to the “continuing speculation” since last weekend over the chief executive’s conduct in office.

Following a string of damaging revelations, opposition councillors started the process of tabling votes of no confidence in both Mr. Parry-Jones and Cllr. Adams earlier this week.

Last Saturday I revealed how the ex-chairman of the council’s audit committee, John Evans MBE, tendered his resignation after he felt “shocked at the tone, attitude and hostility” of Mr. Parry-Jones at an early morning showdown he arranged in his office as part of his determined bid to rat out a mole.

However my revelation that the chief executive threatened to bring in a private investigator to reveal the source of an information leak is small fry compared the scoop today’s Pembrokeshire Herald has managed to stand up.

Council scoops don’t come more shocking (and there have been many) than the Herald’s revelation this morning that Cllrs. Mark Edwards and Peter Morgan – both members of the ruling group – were subjected to a foul-mouthed tirade by Mr. Parry-Jones after they both voted on May 1st to support my own council proposal that he be asked to voluntarily return the sums of cash he received under the unlawful pension opt-out scheme.

Cllrs. Edwards and Morgan have gone on the record as saying the chief executive was “absolutely bouncing” when they went into his office one afternoon following the Mayday vote.

The duo – both businessmen – claim their attendance wasn’t following a request from the chief executive but after being told by the ruling group’s secretary, deputy leader Cllr. Rob Lewis, that Mr. Parry-Jones was “very unhappy” at the way they had voted, and suggested they ought to go and see him to get things “smoothed over.”

When asked by the Herald about the chief executive’s choice of language during his seething outburst, former Wales international and British Lions legend Cllr. Morgan – who isn’t known to mince his words himself – is reported as saying “Well you can imagine.”

Cllr. Edwards claims that during the belligerent brush “Bryn was swearing a lot, effing and blinding. He was clearly angry and upset at what happened.”

Within hours of the Herald going on sale, council leader Jamie Adams issued the following press statement:

The Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, Councillor Jamie Adams, has announced that the Chief Executive, Mr Bryn Parry-Jones, is to take a period of absence with immediate effect.

Councillor Adams said: “This decision has been taken in view of the continuing speculation surrounding the Chief Executive’s position.

“It has been reached by mutual agreement between Mr Parry-Jones and myself and I believe is in the best interests of the Authority at the present time.

“There will be no further statements on this matter.”

Cllr. Adams’ own position as leader of the council is hanging on by a thread following further revelations in today’s Herald that Cllr. David Simpson is being lined up by a grassroots movement – with widespread support – to mount a leadership challenge.

Cllr. Adams, who has stood by the chief executive in the face of overwhelming criticism, has lost support among his own group members and JW understands the supporters of a public challenge by Cllr. Simpson to his leadership are hopeful of success, if the prospect of failure doesn’t bring about his resignation beforehand.


  • Jon Coles

    Enough people have “known” what has been going on for years. At last there are people prepared to say in public what they whisper in private. And – importantly – those prepared to write and publish it.

  • Clive Davies

    Exactly what business is it of a council officer how elected members choose to vote? And whose idea that elected members should need to explain themselves to an officer?

    Surely misconduct in public office lurks here somewhere – and perhaps not just amongst council officers.

  • Hayley

    Apparently there is no set procedure in place to make a formal complaint regarding the CEO…does this mean no-one can make a complaint about him?

  • Goldingsboy

    Is that “leave of absence” with pay?

  • Tony Wilcox

    I agree totally with Clive in relation to what the hell has it got to do with any officer which way a councillor votes.

    It will be interesting to hear what Jamie’s response is to this when asked. The truth however is that officers have had total control over the authority for years. Operation self-preservation is now in full swing at County Hall. Cabinet Members/Committee Chairs within the group will be trying to round up all loyalists in an attempt to protect their allowances.

    As for the Chief Executive, we don’t need one. Directors along with a strong leader with input from a core of the most qualified councillors of all groups is one way forward perhaps. The man for the job in my opinion is David Simpson if he would be willing.

  • Jon Boy Jovi

    Movement at last. The IPPG inner sanctum starts to crack from within, with the eyes opening now to the hoodwinking which has been happening. Mike Stoddart, Jacob Williams and more lately the Pembrokeshire Herald, take a bow.

    The IPPG cabinet has had its morals and self sufficiency well and truly exposed. I question as I have done over the past year if this would have been allowed if a national led party had control of the Council with a stringent overview?

    Cue now for the political infighting to begin with the night of the long knives. Who from the IPPG cabinet will be the one to emerge from the shadows and take the reins from Farmer Adams? Will a minion appear from the back benches or will former leader John Davies come riding over the hamlet to the rescue? I bet the KNS and the newest formed band of merry men under Steve Joseph will bang the drum for support.

    What about the novel idea of our councillors either being true independent councillors, or support a political party who could well lead us with a little stability, sense and desire to 2017. At least they could give a sound base from which to tackle the current issues on BPJ, grants or whistleblowing.

    I’d like to think any IPPG councillor will tender their resignation to their party (sic) before the weekend is out.

  • Goldingsboy

    I had expected, following Steve Joseph’s brief love-in with the IPG gang of ruffians, for a complete kiss-and-tell account of his behind the scenes experiences in the columns of your blog, Jacob.

  • Andrew Lye

    What right does a Chief Executive have to berate those two councillors? He is THEIR employee, on our behalf.

    To be honest, I am surprised they allowed him to do it and that it’s taken so long to become public knowledge.

    This is no way for a Chief Executive to act and I wonder, if it’s true, how long he will remain in office. It truly brings the Council into disrepute if he uses this type of behaviour.

  • Tom Pritchard

    It is surely against all of the rules for a council officer to use bullying tactics to influence the way an elected member votes.

    Bryn Parry-Jones has also used questionable conduct alongside some of his senior colleagues in the introduction of the scandalous pension scheme which the Wales Audit Office deemed ‘unlawful.’ Surely some further course of action must be taken against him.

    If any of us had received money from the council which we weren’t entitled to then we would find ourselves in court, double standards or what??

  • Welshman 23

    I never thought we would see today, it’s the start of the revolution, I would like to thank everyone that has commented or written to every department seeking advice and assistance.

    You are all a credit to Pembrokeshire and let’s hope you will stand at the next elections.

    And finally Jacob and Old Grumpy a sincere thank you for your efforts, true Pembrokeshire people. Diolch yn fawr.

  • Galf

    Despite my earlier comparison to “Hitler – The last ten days” I was not expecting to hear the shot in the bunker so soon.

  • Lobsterman

    I hope there’s a whole queue of skeletons clattering to escape BPJ’s cupboard. But as he is only absent by ‘mutual consent’ I presume he can return whenever he wishes to keep them locked up.

  • Martin Lewis

    I’d echo what Welshman said.

    It may NOT be the end, but I’ve a feeling that Bryn will be retired off now and that will be the end of him.

    Efforts need to be concentrated now of ridding Jamie Adams as Leader of the council and WHOEVER takes over from him should run it in a true independent manner, choose the best candidates for the job for his (or her…thank you brother…or sister) cabinet so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    As far as the rumours of David Simpson being the new Leader if a challenge is mounted next week, wouldn’t that just be replacing IPPG like for like? Let’s have someone from the ranks that have made the revelations that have brought us to today’s events.

    Even the likes of Kilmister & Co haven’t really DONE anything other than stand up in council meetings and make soft-hitting comments.

    We need someone to head this council, someone who has balls big enough to make REAL hard decisions, not perceived ones.

    I propose Jacob Williams as Leader and Mike, you can be the wise old man who lives in a castle somewhere who Jacob calls on for counsel occasionally.

    Seriously though, thanks to you both, along with Tom Sinclair at the Herald. It’s the public information blogs and newspaper that have brought pressure to bear and forced today’s events.

  • Concerned

    What is happening to his Porsche. Will his son still be using it?

  • Casual Observer

    I note the comments on bullying behaviour.

    It is well established that if there is a bully at the top of an organisation that that behaviour filters down. It looks very much that things are going to improve.

    Clearly whoever is now in charge will need to familiarise himself/herself with where B P-J got to and that can’t be done with locked cupboards, everything will surely need to be left open.

  • Keanjo

    GOTCHA!!! Well done Mike and Jacob.

  • Les

    This looks like the beginning of the end if not the end of the beginning!

    Light is being shone thanks to two local bloggers (especially OG) and the Pembrokeshire Herald.

    For me this shows the value of local media not being afraid of the executive and of council contracts and orders.

  • Teifion

    Period of absence from the office?

    What does that mean, he’s Chief Exec but will not be in his office or has he stood down as Chief Exec?

    If he’s just not in the Kremlin office will our public SERVANT just phone up and berate councillors from the bat cave and summon people to his home for (open) meetings? Jamie’s bit of paper says nothing.

    All I’d say is don’t believe his threats to take PCC to court over constructive dismissal, If he starts, start legal proceedings against HIM!

    P.S. Do not allow him to save face and retire due to “ill health” either.

  • Michael Williams

    Good news for Pembrokeshire, but is BPJ on full pay while on gardening leave? There can be little doubt that during this period he should not receive any remuneration.

    I believe what he did to Edwards and Morgan in itself gives reason for dismissal on grounds of gross misconduct. Can you imagine any Government civil servant ranting like that to his employers?

    PCC does not need a CEO. Before 1996 some English authorities were asking the question, and many were of this view. Adams must now follow together with the likes of Lewis and Pugh.

  • Welshman 23

    Well done to both councillors, but disappointed the vote was in May and it’s now August. Through this site they could explain why it has taken them so long to bring this forward. Why did they speak to the Herald?

  • Brian

    The drawer quietly slid open and the man took out a dusty envelope from the back. He caressed it gently, smiled and then withdrew the letter it contained.

    He always knew that one day this might be required – a previously negotiated severance package to ‘go quietly’ that could only be described as golden parachute with every thread made of the finest gold silk…to be continued.

  • Al D

    Does this mean he loses use of his company car paid for by the taxpayer and being used by his family for which we are also paying the insurance?

    I would recommend an early election, rid ALL of the IPPG including the so called defectors who are all running for their miserable lives in order to secure re election.

    Let us not forget these puppets voted with Adams and BPJ on virtually every occasion, they should all resign along with the one at the top.

  • William Rees

    Well done Jon Coles and co.

    A new dawn and it would seem it could be without an IPPG majority. Where will the new council leader come from because surely that is the next step?

    Indeed if we look at the membership there is far more talent outside the IPPG and undoubtedly with a more crusading instinct for fairness.

    The last thing we need is an Adams lookalike. The opposition (the new majority?) must elect a council leader. The opposition are agreed on the need for fairness and transparency; that’s a good enough policy statement to unite around and I know I keep saying it but specific policy can be decided around debate and democratic vote.

  • Sandboy

    Sometimes in life you have to be seen to be doing the right thing. Suspending the head of paid service should have been done months ago rather than spending thousands to defend his position. No doubt he will try to hang on until reorganisation of local government in Wales and then retire or perhaps earlier on sick grounds, one way or the other Teflon man will have the last laugh!

  • Robin Wilson

    Should be very interesting to read the comments and justifications and press releases of the various defectors who will no doubt jump off the IPPG bandwagon soon. Get ready for some twaddle!

  • Welshman 23

    One question to Peter Morgan, Mark Edwards and John Evans.

    If this sort of conduct was displayed by BPJ why has it taken this long to bring it to the attention of Pembrokeshire people?

    If I had been in their situation I would have gone to the Head of HR and made a formal complaint about the behaviour.

    This is just more ammunition and I bet other similar things have gone on behind closed doors, so all councillors I think you have one chance to nail this once and for all. Come clean, if you don’t you will be found out.

  • Martin Lewis

    One name missing from all of the previous plaudits (including mine) is PAUL MILLER who’s played as big a part in all of this as anyone. Cheers Paul.

  • John Williams

    Welshman, I have opened champagne tonight and hope he has gone for ever. Now let’s watch the edifice fall and this must include further senior officers.

  • Sealight

    Foul language. Intimidation of elected members by a Council Officer.

    May. August.

    I thank both Councillors for eventually throwing light on this event, but why didn’t they seek redress immediately? My gratitude is tempered by their hesitancy (I almost wrote cowardice.)

    Old Grumpy and Jacob are to be congratulated on their persistence.

  • Phil Baker

    A huge congratulations to Jacob, Old Grumpy and the Pembrokeshire Herald. Also to Steve Joseph, Mark Edwards and Peter Morgan and of course John Evans.

    It is not easy to stand up and be counted and some of the councillors have been criticised for taking their time in coming forward, but I for one am pleased that they have.

    Over the coming weeks there will be many woolly statements from other IPPG members as to why they blindly supported the status quo, but at least we have the recorded votes to hold them to account. Mass block voting with little questioning.

    If the IPPG remain in control, I would fully support David Simpson as the new Leader. One small step at a time.

  • Clive Woolmer

    “The end is nigh” – So glad to be reading from my home in West Sussex that my beloved ‘home’ County looks to be cleansing itself.

    Finally I see a glimmer of hope that Pembs has the chance to finally choose to be led by people with moral integrity.

    Keep up the tireless good work JW and OG, at least you seem to be rowing the same way for a common good, just need to find some more crew members who believe what you believe.

  • Garibaldi

    I couldn’t help noticing Paul Miller airing his views on BBC Wales Today this evening where this was the lead story. What has he had to do with developments this week?

    Today came about thanks to John Evans, Chicken Eddie (who was also interviewed) and Peter Morgan belatedly standing up for themselves, plus blogs and the media who reported it.

  • Robin Wilson

    If the current IPPG “cabal” decide to exit and join another group, let’s say for example, the Pembrokeshire Alliance (whoever they are!), let’s hope the electorate remember the term “guilt by association”!

    Wherever these Councillors end up, they must surely be remembered as supporters of a thoroughly rotten and self serving party?

    It is very bad news for the County that we have to wait until 2017 for a purge!

  • Makechangehappen

    I wonder what Stephen Crabb MP has to say about all this, could be interesting. Also I think the Herald should try and interview Cllr Adams.

  • Fox

    Just to clarify matters – when an employee is suspended it is just a method of getting them out of the way while the issue is investigated. It is not a punishment. That only comes after a disciplinary hearing.

    In this case it seems Bryn and Jamie have mutually agreed Bryn should go on suspension, which is not entirely satisfactory as he might be able to “unsuspend” himself as well.

    As previous contributors have said, Adams et al should have suspended him. Let’s hope justice prevails and the culture of bullying which has always been in PCC will be got rid of once and for all.

  • Disillusioned

    Good news on Parry-Jones’s departure, although probably on full pay and still using his taxpayer funded Porsche.

    Jamie Adams probably pushed for this to try and save his own position, the next step must be to take a vote of no confidence in him, Huw George, Rob Lewis, Sue Perkins and Pugh at the very least, all of whom have proved themselves to be interested in their own ends and not the interests of the people of Pembrokeshire.

    That would be a start in the clean up, get rid of them and introduce some new blood to finally eat away at the self serving culture of our supposed representatives.

    We are constantly being told that there was a second officer being paid “unlawful” pension payments but this officer has never been named, is there a reason for this? Also has he/she too been asked to return the payments and has he/she done so, or like Parry-Jones refused to?

  • Bridge Boy

    A glimmer of hope at last. The end is in sight. I would put Messrs Parry-Jones, Adams, George, Lewis and Pugh in stocks on Castle Square and let them see what the public and electorate really think of them!

  • I agree with Cllrs. Wilcox and Baker that Cllr. Simpson would be a good choice as leader to replace Cllr. Adams, who simply cannot and must not be allowed to continue in his role.

    In answer to Disillusioned, the identity of the other officer who received unlawful pension opt-out cash has been protected by the council, and yes, he/she was also asked to return their money, but failed to even acknowledge the request, let alone respond or repay.

    I believe the disciplinary process for council chief executives is convoluted. First of all a specific allegation/complaint must be lodged, presumably with the authority’s monitoring officer. Then an independent person must be appointed to investigate. I am unsure if such a complaint/allegation has been lodged as yet, but this simply has to be pursued because the conduct described by Cllrs. Morgan and Edwards is way out of line for a number of reasons.

  • Jonathan Nutting

    Now Robin, didn’t you stand as a Conservative in the Burton by-election? Maybe you can explain the Conservative voting patterns in County Hall.

    Most of the ruling cabal as you call them are Conservatives through and through. I’m sure their natural place would be with your group.

    I wonder if they came knocking at David or Stan’s door will they be turned away? The way they grabbed the chairmanship of the Older Persons’ Overview and Scrutiny Committee suggests they will be accepted with open arms.

    Let me assure you of one thing there will be none of the ruling cabal allowed to join the Alliance. Clear enough for you?

  • Gwylon Phillips

    Members of the IPPG have defended BP-J for months. I believe that they should all resign and if they wish to, put themselves forward for re-election. How many of them will be brave enough to do so?

    All those sinecures? Jobs for the boys? One of them is a minister of religion. If I was a member in his chapel I would be asking questions. John Cwmbetws is keeping his head down apparently.

  • Tim

    I’m glad this meeting where the effing and blinding took place has come to light. According to a report on the BBC, disciplinary action against the Chief will be difficult. Why is it only now this is coming to light, let’s hope it’s not because they waited for the planning application 14/0190/PA to be approved.

    Also it would be interesting why this story broke on the Western Telegraph site at 11:25 (PCC’s preferred media outlet) first, even before staff/councillors knew about it.

    I also wonder if BPJ still has unrestricted access to the building and his computer while on his ‘period of absence’.

    Will an emergency meeting now be held by councillors? The council can’t be run without the Chief, so will Ben Pykett now be in charge? So many questions so let’s hope we get answers soon.

  • Martin Lewis

    Well it’s been an interesting day to say the least.

    I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself but always try to temper such things with reality check but recent events have played out like a Dan Brown novel with secret networks and intertwined social lives and back scratching and funny handshakes and defending the indefensible. You know the old saying, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you!!!

    Paul Miller must take a lot of credit alongside Mike and Jacob along with the Pembrokeshire Herald, Mr Evans and even the IPPG rats who decide to swim away from the sinking wreck. At least Morgan and Edwards have brought about something significant, unlike Stephen Joseph who is about as influential on local politics as Lulu was on AC/DC. Paul really had balls and stuck it to BPJ and the IPPG relentlessly in and out of council meetings and made some personal sacrifices to this end. I think Paul was justified in commenting to the national news channel.

    Jacob, what has David Simpson’s voting record been within the IPPG, he seems to have some respect given he’s a member of the IPPG. Personally I can’t see how any of the IPPG could possibly be trusted to lead the council.

    Mike’s revelation over on OldGrumpy.co.uk, that even as recently as last night Peter was prepared to try and protect BPJ despite his actions following May’s meeting, shows him in a poor light.

    Another comment mentioned BPJ being close to pensionable age. I believe it very likely that some deal will be cobbled together to allow him to go off happily into the sunset with his unlawful payments. That would stick in the throat of the public for sure but as the spokesman for the Chief Executive’s union mentioned on tonight’s BBC news, for whatever reason these people are heavily protected, which has to be wrong given the level of power that they have.

    One other name that should be added to the list of those to go is Laurence Harding the Monitoring Officer who’s also spent so much time in recent years playing silly buggers and protecting BPJ and his inner circle.

    John Cwmbetws certainly is keeping a low profile recently and I believe there will be more revelations to come from councillors about his own actions and dealings during his time as Leader.

    As for MP Stephen Crabb, he hasn’t had the balls to comment on this matter at all so I think it best that he continues to keeps his mouth shut.

    The press release would have been given to the WT first for obvious reasons, the council are trying to even up the scoop ratio 🙂

    Let’s hope the rats continue to desert the sinking HMS IPPG. It’s been a long road but if this really IS the end of the IPPG and their grip on power and SRAs then it’s a good thing for Pembrokeshire even if we don’t know what’s going to replace it, at least change is coming and in this instance I don’t think it’s a case of “better the devil you know”. Can’t wait to hear some of the reasons given for the departures of various councillors.

    I really truly hope BPJ, Adams, George, Lewis, Pugh, Perkins, Hancock, Richards and a few of the others have a good few worrying days and sleepless nights ahead of them.

    I can’t wait to hear Adams’ resignation speech, I wonder if it will be as sanctimonious and humorous as the one Brian Hall gave a few years ago.

    God bless you Mike, I still re-read your blog from that time when I need a good chuckle.

  • Dave Javu


    “Dire Straights” – Brothers in Arms.

  • Martin,

    Thanks for providing me with an excuse to revisit the Hall resignation saga which can be read at:


    I understand that the Leader has called members of the IPPG to a meeting on Monday (time and venue presently unknown).

    While this meeting is ostensibly to bring them up to date with recent developments, its true purpose is to discover how much support the Leader can expect in the upcoming vote of no confidence that opposition members have tabled.

    Though he can probably rely on the inner circle, whose SRAs depend on his continuation in office, my moles tell me it won’t be sufficient to save his neck.

    That being the case, I don’t see Cllr Adams facing the humiliation of being voted out of office at a public meeting. Cllr Hall’s resignation speech will provide him with a useful template.

  • Goldingsboy

    Tim: for those of us far from the fetid corridors of the Kremlin, what is the significance of your concern regarding the approval of planning application 14/0190/PA?

  • Dave Edwards

    Now that the ranting, foul-mouthed bully-boy puppet master has been outed it is time that the Jamie Dodger is given a swift coup de grace. Has anyone measured the length of his nose lately?

    And what of Lewis’s role in the final act of this tragic comedy? It was after all he who led the lion and the chicken fryer to the interrogation room to face the wrath of his master.

  • Casual Observer

    One note of warning. For those who take over, power often corrupts.

    Total power can totally corrupt. Lots of experience from history to prove that one.

  • Welshman 23

    Mike, how can Farmer Adams call a party meeting to explain to his flock what has happened and not inform all councillors. Surely this should be a full council meeting. If you find out where this meeting is being held can other councillors gatecrash?

    My view is that suspension would be when you are being investigated, leave of absence is were you have left work, this option opens the door for stress, signed off by your doctor due to ill health, unable to to be interviewed because of illness etc.

    I believe this is a well worked plan by BPJ and he got his puppet to agree, it will cost us money, possibly paying up his pension, severance pay etc. If he has a sick note it puts a halt on any investigations as he would play this ace.

    Did Farmer Adams agree to the leave of absence on his own or who else was in the decision process and who are these people?

    BPJ is supposed to be a well educated person so I believe he may have planned his exit strategy some time ago.

  • John Heartfelt

    If BPJ does not come back will that be the end of the matter?

    How much money has he received in wages and extras since he started and will he still be taking money from us in his retirement? Are we paying his legal fees and will we be liable if he decides to take action against PCC?

    I am not at all optimistic that this is the end. I think his legal team have probably worked out a lucrative exit strategy.

  • Tim

    Goldingsboy you don’t need to go anywhere near the corridors of the Kremlin you just need to be a nosy old git like me. Pop that application number in this website:


    and then make your own conclusions from that. I guess it may be totally irrelevant, but it’s just something I noticed and made me ponder.

  • The Rock

    It may be my imagination but I’m convinced I’m seeing groups of pale downcast men, wearing faded tweed and dull grey worsted suits, carrying tatty leather folio cases shuffling around the county hoping forlornly for new accommodation.

  • Keanjo

    Granted period of absence on full pay for about 12 months, medically unfit for work owing to stress, 6 months full pay on sick, 6 months half pay, retirement with full pension rights? Bingo.

  • Goldingsboy

    If, as the Herald reports, the deputy leader Cllr. Rob Lewis informed the two out-of-sync councillors that Parry-Jones was “very unhappy” at the way they had voted, and advised they ought to go and see BPJ to get things “smoothed over,” then Cllr. Lewis is duty-bound to explain his own role in this affair.

    The allegations are tantamount to a breach of the rules relating to the separation of powers and illustrates the degree to which this council was actually dominated and controlled by its most senior civil servant rather than its elected representatives.

    And how many of you were affronted by the sheer arrogance of Adams attempting to close down all further discussion by tersely proclaiming that: “There will be no further statements on this matter”?

  • The BBC reports that the council has “confirmed” that the chief executive will remain on full pay.

    That sounds like a “further statement” to me, though we elected members haven’t been told this officially.

  • Robin Wilson

    Jonathan, yes I did stand at the eleventh hour as a candidate in Burton last year.

    I am not a politician and I am not in the Council, so I’m unable to shed any light upon the voting practices of any sitting Councillors. You make your points well. I refer you to my final sentence in my post last evening.

  • Casual Observer

    One wonders which is more valuable. A year’s full pay, or what some will feel is the shame of going to the village shop, garage, restaurant, pub knowing what people think. For me a year’s pay would be small fry.

  • Tony Wilcox

    Watch out! Watch out! Information Technology support specialist about!

    I’m reliably informed that there is such a person checking into individuals who dare to comment on the ruling cabal online.

  • Yes Tony, that sounds about right. I’ve been told that cabinet member Cllr. Rob Summons monitors online articles and comments and social media. According to my source, Summons is desperate to uncover the identity of Welshman 23!

  • Martin Lewis

    Rob Summons can kiss my a**e!!!

  • Lizzie-Tish

    While the cat’s away, the mice will play! Where’s that simple sum?

  • Martin Lewis

    Just to clarify, I haven’t got an acre.

  • Spartacus

    “I’m Welshman 23”

  • Nev Andrews

    Jacob, who is Rob Summons? Apart from a councillor that is? Doesn’t have a PI sideline does he?

  • Ex-copper, so not beyond the realms of possibility. I’m not sure if ratting out moles would be his forte though!

  • Nev Andrews

    Hmmm…was he last seen carrying a box of Magnums…?

  • Tony Wilcox

    Rob Summons! Never would have thought that! Well what anybody does at home on his/her own computer is up to them I suppose! I gather there is a ruling group meeting on Monday, the theme being we ‘must all stick together and move on’ etc etc.

    There are lots of capable councillors in the group, how about Cabinet, Committee Chairs etc standing down en bloc and giving other equally competent members an opportunity in restoring public confidence. After all, some have been in situ for many years now.

  • Keanjo

    Tony, so they are sticking together. Now what’s the name of that other stuff that sticks together?

  • Teifi

    I understand Huw George also used to be a police officer, surely as an upholder of the law all his life he cannot be very happy with what is going on – maybe he should “read their rights” to BPJ and Jamie 😉

  • Casual Observer

    I watch with interest all the revelations. Is there nothing you people do not know? I bet between you all you know every last detail. My colander holds more water than PCC does secrets.

  • Jonathan Nutting

    Rob Summons is Pembrokeshire’s very own intelligence agent ‘George Smiley’, what an excellent picture, it’s made my day! I bet my friends in Rosemarket, Houghton, Sardis, Hill Mountain and Burton are well impressed!

    I have to say that from time to time some things make me smile, even when things are gloomy. To hear that we may be being watched, to see if our comments go beyond the pale makes me chuckle. It is hard to get out of my head the twin pictures of a banana republic and being savaged by dead sheep. Oh well 🙂

    I am trying to think of things to test them out. My problem is when you have so many incapable fools stirring a pot that is so full of crap, you start wondering where to start. They have given so much rubbish, so freely that it is difficult to bring out the nasties when they do it so obviously, so well without help.

    Every one of the ruling cabal should be marginalised to a place where they can do no more damage to our county. In 2017 they will be placed there by the electorate. Until then, give them the redundant CEO’s office and let them play amongst themselves. Once in a while send in a trained psychologist to try and bring them back to reality, so by the time the electorate gets their hands on them, they are ready again for normal life.

    I wish one or two of them would comment on this or other sites. It always reminds me of how poor they are, that they actually never stand up and be counted. This alone says as much as their Citizen Smith antics. Part of me will miss them when they are gone.

  • Concerned

    Blimey. I’d better watch my step as I am one of the ex copper’s constituents!

  • Weasel

    My initial reaction to the “Chief” taking a “leave of absence” can only be described as delight, however this has been somewhat tempered.

    There is a rumour, circulating widely around the Kremlin, that Bryn may have done a “Rob Lewis”, if the absence coincides with his holiday leave/the council’s summer recess.

    The feeling is, I am led to believe, that this would be no more than a cynical attempt to make BPJ appear “honourable” (Cllr Edwards’ description, not mine) until the latest scandals and ongoing police investigation blow over. If so, let’s hope this strategy backfires on him and Farmer Adams!

    Another less widely circulated theory coming from OUTSIDE the Kremlin is that Mrs BPJ has “had enough” and has instructed Bryn to “get out”.

  • Dafydd Williams

    Thanks for the information. What about all of the councillors who supported the chief officer to retire immediately?

  • Miss Marple

    Oh! Cllr Nutting will you miss me when I’m gone? There, I’ve put a comment on here. Regards, guess who?!

  • For the benefit of Cllr. Nutting (as well as Cllr. ‘Sleuthing’ Summons, P.I.) I can confirm that ‘Miss Marple’ is indeed a serving county councillor.

  • Jonathan Nutting

    But Missy, that was only a bit of a ‘boo,’ to quote your leader. What about a real comment? At least try and draw some blood. It is also not fair to hide. Be proud, show yourself!

    Actually, as people, I can only think of one of the ruling cabal who I could not have a pint with. Especially if they are buying 🙂

  • Welshman 23

    Thank you Jacob for the heads up. If and when I reveal my identity, there may be a few embarrassed people. Let’s all concentrate on the job in hand, and let’s put the P (Proud) back in Pembrokeshire. Well done to you all.

  • Indepedant

    Hopefully the defective detective theme will continue until ‘And then there were none’.

  • Robin Wilson

    So, this “leave of absence” is…a paid holiday, a cool off period, a “keep your head down, and it will all blow over”, gardening leave, or Constructive Resignation? Perhaps Mr Adams would care to elucidate?

    …And if someone is listening to this…”BOO!”

  • Jon Harvey

    Surely bullying behaviour such as swearing and shouting at elected Members amounts to gross misconduct regardless of whether you are a Chief Executive or an “ordinary” Officer of a Local Authority?

    If so he should be dismissed with no pay off which would be the normal course of action in any organisation. Notwithstanding Bryn’s actions over the years, it is crucial that the electorate do not forget who has protected his position namely those IPPG members along with a few others.

    No doubt the rats will start to desert the sinking hull of SS Adams over the coming weeks but they are all clearly guilty by association.

    Come the next election, which unfortunately is still some way off yet, we really do need to replace them with men and women of honesty and trustworthiness who will listen to the voice of the good people of Pembrokeshire. Let’s not forget that they (the IPPG) are few but we are many!

  • Martin Lewis

    Jonathan Nutting, If you could go for a drink with all but one of the IPPG then shame on you. They’re almost 100% scurrilous treacherous b******s.

    Such is the magnitude of the corruption and wrongdoing of the people in the IPPG that labelling them “decent people” outside of the council chamber isn’t an option.

  • Robin Wilson

    In my experience, bullying, swearing and shouting constitutes gross misconduct, and in any company in Pembrokeshire, occurrences such as this would be dealt with accordingly.

    I don’t think he should be allowed to resume his position under any circumstances. How can this behaviour be said to be helpful, respectful, or to engender respect within his colleagues in PCC?

  • Malcolm Calver

    In light of the CEO taking a “period of absence” surely all the county councillors who are members of the IPPG and have blindly supported him over the years on controversial issues, should now seek a mandate from the electorate of Pembrokeshire to remain at County Hall.

    Those county councillors, who are not part of the IPPG but who also supported the decision to take no action over the pension debacle should also consider their right to remain in office.

    I note Jacob that you and other opposition councillors are putting your money on Cllr Simpson to take over at the helm but please do not forget he has been a member of the IPPG cabinet for many years and therefore must take some responsibility for what has happened.

    I do hope that the council will remain with a majority of truly independent councillors and not fall into the control of national political parties.

    The question I would ask is why any county councillor would want to become leader, on a salary far less than many of the employees at County Hall for what is supposed to be a full time position.

  • Indepedant

    Maybe ‘The Morning of the Long Knives’ tomorrow will sort the wolves from the sheep.

  • John Williams

    What we need are 30 councillors who are full time and paid. They, like MPs, would be voted for every 4/5 years. These people need to control the authority much better than 60 mostly older persons with other jobs or who are retired like we have now (except for some).

    We need to rethink local government.

  • Nev Andrews

    I respectfully suggest that local government needs abolition not rethinking.

  • Simply Stunned

    Councillors should be elected every two or three years, and deselected if they change allegiance to another party after their election. Far too many con their electorate to get into office.

    I also think there should be an age bar as well. I’ve seen more than one local councillor in my time either asleep, deaf or just plain ignorant. There’s also too many of them, as there are AMs and MPs.

  • Morgi

    Jacob – please don’t move too quickly to support an IPPG candidate as a leader to replace farmer Adams.

    Whilst David Simpson seems to be the frontrunner, and is definitely the most capable IPPG councillor, during that infamous meeting which had Councillor Pugh extolling the virtues of the highly regarded grant application officials and pouring scorn on the allegations of Councillor Stoddart, David Simpson contributed by stating that he had asked questions of the council officers involved and they had reassured him that there was nothing to worry about – the impression I got of his contribution was of one firmly on the fence waiting to see how things would pan out. There was enough around at the time to be far more forensic in his quest for the truth.

    My personal view is that DS is eminently suitable as a replacement for BPJ but not with the same conditions of service as BPJ – unless of course you believe the tosh of attracting/retaining senior staff. (Chance to elect someone outside IPPG if he did move!)

    In the event of a collapse in the fortunes of IPPG, uniting behind Paul Miller as leader would be an option – especially as he appears to have sufficient principle and backbone to appoint from outside Labour party ranks.

  • Hi Morgi,

    There’s a limited pool of councillors willing and able to be leader. Of those, David Simpson as you agree, is capable and the obvious choice for me and many others. It’s true that he’s propped up the ruling group for the past ten years, and that’s baggage that he simply can’t offload. However we’ve got to be realistic and understand that he’s probably the only councillor with broad enough popular support to be leader – and there has to be one. Paul Miller wouldn’t get the support among councillors. That’s called politics.

    Just to be clear, as your comment seems to misunderstand council roles, the support given by various councillors for David Simpson is not to replace Bryn Parry-Jones as chief executive (officer,) but to replace Cllr. Jamie Adams as leader (councillor.)

    Should the position of chief executive become vacant, it could not be filled by an elected councillor like David Simpson as you suggest, but hopefully – in my view – by an officer who is brand new to the authority and who hasn’t messed up in a previous public service role.

  • Keanjo

    Jacob, before rushing into replacing the Chief Executive ask yourselves do we need such a post?

    Then ask yourselves what is the reason for the complete mess of the last few years, why has this happened? Should the Cabinet system be abandoned? Is there a better system? Do not rush into replacing the status quo. Think before you act or you may find yourselves in a similar mess in a few years time.

  • Malcolm Calver

    The whole political system needs reform and I do not mean more politicians, but let us just have enough to control and manage the day to day needs of the population.

    How much interference and control do we want or need over our lives? Do we really need 600 community councillors, 60 county councillors, two MPs, two AMs and also not forgetting the MEPs who represent us in Pembrokeshire? Whatever we do we must control the cost of this bureaucracy, mostly with fewer employees and far lower cost.

    If Mr Parry-Jones should depart how are we going to set the salary lower for any new incumbent, when we have such highly paid directors employed.

  • Les

    I wouldn’t get too excited about the apparent demise of the IPG. They will try and cobble together a compromise.

    Cllr Simpson will probably accept the appointment as deputy leader with a brief to improve governance over the next year or so. Possibly a private understanding that Cllr Adams will step down at the next election.

    To me this seems an acceptable political compromise – what do others think?

  • Brian

    Les, Simpson as deputy leader with brief to improve governance is a fudge. True accountability to the electorate would mean Adams out – he has proven ability not to be able to captain a ship.

    On CEO salaries, there seems to be an unwritten law in Government that your salary should be directly proportional to the overall budget you supervise. Trouble is in Pembs that the budget is inflated by spending on countless white elephant capital projects often partially funded with WAG and EC money (still ours!).

    I would like to see a running ‘safari park’ list of the local projects backed over the years which have failed or have turned out to be damp squibs along with their total cost to the public purse. Cleddau Bridge Technology park (mostly empty) is a good starter.

  • Weasel

    I may be wrong, but I suspect Les may be an IPPG foot soldier testing the water. If Farmer Adams remains in the Cabinet, let alone as Leader, this could not be considered an acceptable compromise.

    Not only does the controller (BPJ) need to be removed but also those that allowed themselves to be controlled also need to be cleared out.

    Minimum acceptable “compromise” in my mind (and from my many discussions over the weekend most staff would agree) would be Adams and his 2 deputies OUT, preferably along with Lewis and Pugh. Of the remainder, only two should stay, with three questionable.

  • Dave Edwards

    If, as reported, the cabinet met today, where was the agenda and will there be minutes? The constitution requires the cabinet to meet in public after due notice so maybe I missed it!

  • Tony Wilcox

    Enter stooge one please, we need you to be followed by Stooges 2 and 3 (similar, but could you do it with a little more passion please?)

    As for the group whip, he is currently not around. Nothing is his fault and never has been. He will never show any remorse or emotion, only when berating those with a mind of their own that is. The End.

    Final rehearsals for the upcoming meeting are now complete. Humility and contrition are the way forward (again). Also, willingness to stand down if that is what the group want.

  • Martin Lewis

    BPJ – out, without severance package, he’s got enough in his pension pot.

    Adams – out, of leadership and cabinet responsibilities.

    Deputy Leaders – both of them out. They are without doubt the two biggest buffoons I’ve ever seen holding public office, both laughing stocks, just like a couple of hangers on following a playground bully around.

    Sue Perkins – relieved of all responsibilities. See how keen she is to be involved in her ward as a simple foot soldier.

    Hancock – out, he’s only in cabinet because he took his thirty pieces of silver. Believes Jamie Adams is, and I quote, “a man of integrity”. He’s also the reason the IPG had to add an extra ‘P’ to its name.

  • Teifi

    No Council Chief Exec can justify their huge salaries by comparing themselves with chief execs of companies that have the same sort of budget – they are handed the money by reluctant folk like us. We can be taken to court if we refuse to pay, there’s no competition (as with a Tesco vs. Lidl for instance) and NOW we hear it’s nigh on impossible to sack them for incompetence (or worse).

    PS. I can understand Mrs BPJ telling Bryn to go – both she and Bryn junior have become figures of ridicule in the last month or so with stories of the unlawful pension opt-out cash being handed over to her and little Bryn having a BIG Porsche to go to work in – pretty embarrassing I’d say!

  • Jonathan Nutting

    Well, well Les 🙂 Your lot are past redemption. David Simpson should dissolve the cabinet full stop.

    I suggest he has an advisory cabinet of untainted councillors of all persuasions. Their sole job will be to oversee and advise. Lead members will then take charge of education, economy etc. These should have a team of three to help. They will mirror the upper echelons of the officers’ class.

    The officer hierarchy will be rationalised and their organisation changed. Several directorships will go and be slimmed down to four. As in schools they will be required to reapply for their jobs with a new pay structure. Those re-employed may have their present pay frozen but all others will be at a new rate commensurate with Pembrokeshire’s size.

    The leader and his restructured cabinet will fill the role of CEO. This post and deputy will be redundant. Overall savings to the county will be close to half a million.

    Once we have change let’s go the full hog and simplify. I would be interested in other people’s thoughts on restructuring. Obviously the status quo is untenable in these days of austerity. This will be an ideal time for a root and branch reorganisation.

  • Lizzie-Tish

    If PCC were a school they’d have been put in Special Measures years ago. What do the WLGA think of all this, what do the Welsh Assembly/local members think of all this, what do our elected MPs think of all this? They are all shocking in their silence. Do they not have an opinion, why aren’t they opening their mouths? Why doesn’t the Herald ask them all and print their responses?

    Also, I am still not sure what the final straw was for Teflon Man, interesting if his missus has told him she’s had enough, common sense at last. Being a conspiracy theorist I think it certainly WASN’T Farmer Adams telling him to go. Only time will tell. As Private Eye frequently says, this story could go on and on and on.

    Magnum PI, Pearl the Girl, True-blue Sue, Teflon Man, Farmer Adams, Putrid Pugh, Reverend George, Squirehouse, the Timelord are all in the Committee Room without a Cluedo, I wonder which weapon they’ll use on Farmer Adams, will it be the dagger or the rope?

    There, I feel much better now! Oh no, the dreaded simple sum awaits 🙂

  • Welshman 23

    Hi Teifi,

    Your comment regarding Mrs BPJ is very sad and if BPJ has put his wife and family through hell, I feel sorry for this lady having to listen and see what he gets up to. It’s shocking, and it proves the lengths some people will go to.

    If this comment is number 100, I would like to thank all bloggers, Jacob, Paul Miller, Old Grumpy, Trade Unions and everyone that has contributed. Well done to you all, let’s hope you vote in the 2017 elections and join us at the Kremlin.

  • Indepedant

    It could be ‘Murder on the Cleddau Express’ Lizzie-Tish, with all Cabinet Members stabbing him in the back!

  • Brian

    Cabinet meeting over then?


  • Weasel


    It appears all celebrations regarding the demise of “The Chief” and the hopes for collateral damage to the IPPG leadership may have been premature and in vain.

    The rumoured emergency Cabinet meeting did take place this morning and I understand it agreed “options” to be put to the party, the favoured being Bryn to return to post in three weeks. I’ve heard that the fixers are led by Rumpole Summons.

    One can only hope that all does not go as planned but they have been busy all day in preparation for tonight’s “secret” group meeting arm bending any wavering troops to support Farmer Adams’ plan for the triumphant return of the “honourable” BPJ.

  • Mike Cook

    Carry on at the Kremlin? As the knives are being thrust into Farmer Adams’ back the joy to hear him cry those famous last words, “infamy infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!”

  • Steve

    The point that everyone seems to be missing here is that we do have the lowest council tax in Wales 😉

    Can someone have Jamie confirm this one yet more time? If so it must justify everything that has gone on and everything that may happen in the future.

  • John Hudson

    I have been away for a couple of days and (after 20 + years of council watching) I return to this turmoil.

    It’s alright for the Leader and the CEO to come to some agreement, but, has the Council received any legal advice as to what it can and can’t do with regard the CEO’s future?

    Does the Council, all 60 members, have any say. Might I suggest that some advice is obtained, and is publicly available, BEFORE anything is agreed.

    The IPG will have to decide on the Leadership question, if as a Political Group they still have the majority. IF it does not, then all 60 councillors will have to elect a Leader.

  • Morgi

    I don’t feel as much sympathy for Mrs BPJ as some others – did the unlawful pension loot not find itself in her pension pot?

    I also wonder how much thought she gives to those who have suffered as a result of BPJ and his management style when she parks her backside on the heated seats of the luxury motor car paid for by myself and others!

  • Weasel

    Jacob, I don’t know about all your loyal commenters, but I for one cannot wait to see who gets what, it must surely be the scoop of the century by being first to reveal the inside story on tonight’s secret but not so secret IPPG meeting.

    Will it be the “old duffer” or the “young pretender” or is there a surprise outsider out there? Get those moles working Jacob!

  • Welshman 23

    Weasel it’s August not 1st April, your earlier comment must surely be a wind up? If all you said is true then the lunatics really are running the asylum.

  • Weasel

    I am sorry to say Welshman, but my post was not a wind up. The key part (the “options”) came directly from a senior IPPG member. I only hope it was I who was being wound up.

  • Timetraveller

    That the Chief is only on garden leave is a placebo to public opinion and no more. Change in the IPPG is likely to be drawn out and complex, as there is no viable opposition as of yet, likewise the Council is highly fractured.

    What is all but inevitable is that a new Chief and Leader are required, as circumstances now make it “open season” on the authority for any stray dog turds being thrown around.

    Any incoming Leader, of any political hue, will have to immediately convert the Chief’s garden leave to a proper suspension. It is also urgent that a formal investigation into a culture of bullying is initiated, not just the CX.

    Bullying is complex and insidious, becoming “normal” behaviour for both bullies and bullied. The chief has been a political liability for a while, so his removal, whether by dismissal or retirement is now inevitable.

  • Mayday

    “It [the decision to take a leave of absence] has been reached by mutual agreement between Mr Parry-Jones and myself”.

    Is that lawful? Can Jamie make unilateral decisions like that on behalf of the council? Has he overstepped the mark and gone beyond his own remit and failed to follow due process?

  • Mayday, I have asked Cllr Adams this very question, but have not yet received a satisfactory answer.

    He did tell me: “You will be aware of the email regarding Ian Westley coordinating the activities of CMT. However some further thought will have to be given to delegate the various responsibilities of the CEO to another or other officers, which may require some formal resolution by Members. This is an ongoing discussion.”

    I then asked him to point me to the article in the constitution which gave him the power to appoint Mr Westley to this role, but three days on he has not responded. He seems to have set himself up as unofficial Head of Paid Service.

  • John Hudson

    Perhaps the Council cannot legally do what the Leader thinks he can arrange. The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 Section 4 sets out some relevant duties and can be found here:


  • John Hudson

    While the CEO is “away” the Leader has apparently decided that Ian Westley is to step into the vacant position to co-ordinate the Chief Officers’ Management Team. What is the legal basis for this?

    Can I ask why we have got a Deputy Chief Executive in post, or is this a silly question. What does he do? Is he not authorised to deputise for the CEO? This situation continues to get worse, and this lot, referred to as rag tag and bobtail, are all the while supposed to be putting together next year’s Council Budget.

    Will somebody please, please, get a grip and show some leadership, preferably within the law.

  • Goldingsboy

    How pathetic can the “leadership” of this council get? Surely there is someone amongst those highly-paid PCC officers who can properly guide Cllr Adams as to who or what has constitutional responsibility for bridging the gap left in the wake of BP-J’s disembarkation from the Pembrokeshire gravy train?

  • Lobsterman

    So has there been an investigation into BPJ’s foul mouthed rant at elected councillors by a ‘local commissioner’ and a subsequent report from the ‘Monitoring Officer’ to all members of the Council for them to consider suitable action? As set out in the legislation highlighted by John Hudson above.

  • Keanjo

    The Monitoring Officer, who narrowly survived a vote of no confidence, seems to have a great deal of power under this completely nonsensical system. There seems to be no hope unless the Welsh Assembly steps in.

    I very recently e-mailed the First Minister again and received the identical put off letter which has been published already on this site but with a further paragraph assuring me that frequent meetings are held with the Audit Office when the situation in Pembrokeshire is discussed. Cardiff seems to be fiddling whilst Haverfordwest is burning.

  • Teifion

    CEO stands aside? It’s just something Bryn and Jamie have come up with to avoid the pressure – Bryn had 2 weeks’ holidays booked and he’s just added another 2 weeks to that. In the meantime both guys will get the full support vote from the IPG and could be back to work by October.

  • Concerned

    I think there would be a public outcry if Bryn returned. I suspect a deal is being cooked up to remove him quietly. Given that someone is covering his post in his absence I wonder if the CEO post could be abolished altogether? Now that would be a result.

  • Lobsterman

    I’m sure the IPPG leaders are in their bunker plotting what strokes they can pull at the emergency meeting to discuss your motions of no confidence. Will the expensive barrister be in attendance? Will BPJ be there to count the votes as usual? Will we have brown envelope or some similar revelations? Is it to be webcast? Will there be a recorded vote? Will the public be excluded? Will any of the IPPG sheep be brave?

    I understand that Councillors have to be guarded in what they say at this time so not to fall foul of this pre judgement issue which blind-sided them last time but even if your motions are successful nothing substantive has been done. No one has been suspended from duty, no one fired, no disciplinary actions initiated, the Leader will still be in place.

  • John Hudson

    I see that the Cabinet at its next meeting is to consider fining parents for unauthorised absences.

  • John Hudson

    I note also that the agenda for the Cabinet meeting on Monday is “signed” by the Chief Executive. How can this be if, as the Leader announced, he was on leave with immediate effect? Has somebody been using his rubber stamp?

  • Malcolm Calver

    John, surely you must realise that our Lord has the ability to operate in mysterious ways.

  • John Hudson

    Perhaps the Leader was duped and in turn misled his band of followers, after all on past performance the IPG seem to follow the Leader with slavish obedience.

  • John Hudson

    The CEO was not present at the formal Cabinet meeting on Monday in his usual place at the table. On this occasion the Leader was flanked by his two deputy leaders. The Deputy CEO was present but not sitting at the table in the CEO’s place. Why are we paying him, what are his duties? Was the appointment of a deputy a window dressing effort to quell adverse comment?

    Presumably the CEO can issue the statutory summonses for members to attend Council meetings from home while “in post” and yet be absent from his normal duties of attending Cabinet meetings, while on full pay. Is he on leave or not? Does anyone know why we are still paying and what for?

  • Weasel

    I have to say I have sat back and watched the recent goings on at the Kremlin with fascination, but the real antagonists in this little tale are not who you would immediately think.

    When the story of the chicken, the lion and the mad hatter broke in the Herald it was not news, the events had been common knowledge amongst the IPPG brethren and indeed staff for quite some time. I am sure both the young pretender and the old duffer also both knew and were saving the knowledge for a future campaign. Whilst it is a little surprising that it took so long to reach the news desk of the Herald, what occurred next is the really interesting part.

    Whether the “leave of absence” was planned as a diversionary tactic to deflect the waves of negative press articles we may never know, but word is that Adams is in a “lose lose” situation, and will almost certainly lose the vote of no confidence and be forced to resign.

    For BPJ on the other hand it is “win win” all the way. He may well lose his own no confidence vote but that will bother him not. He will brazen it out in the full knowledge that whoever the new leader may be, it will change nothing and he will continue to run the show as he always has done.

    I am told Paul Miller’s NoM to invoke disciplinary action is heading for the rocks, as a majority of members fear this would only drag things out for far too long with no guarantee of the outcome. Even if successful it at best will ultimately only result in a further two month holiday for BPJ followed by no more than a warning.

    Worst case for BPJ is simply that he may be suspended for two months, get a slap on the wrist, and all the time enhance his “pay off”.

  • Weasel – I’m not sure how reliable your information is – it was not common knowledge in County Hall beforehand. That includes staff and councillors, many of who were shocked, me included.

    Attendance could play an important part in Friday’s meeting, but I wouldn’t be so sure that Paul Miller’s motion will end up on the rocks.

  • Weasel

    Jacob, I had always assumed you had the best network of moles in town, but it seems you may need a few more. If there is an upcoming reshuffle I may be interested if the rewards are good enough. A few pounds of those Victoria plums may do the job!

    I won’t say too much, as I don’t want to expose my own impeccable sources, and indeed it is for this reason that I don’t post anywhere near all that I know, but I knew of the goings on in the meeting where Cllrs Edwards and Morgan where lambasted by BPJ, as it was recounted to me a week or so after it occurred, some staff and IPPG members also knew.

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