Jacob Williams
Tuesday 5th April, 2016

Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and mirrors

You may have noticed my site hasn’t been updated in quite a while – my county-wide mole network certainly has.

One of my northerly informants must think I’m so desperate for anything to publish that I’d be interested in the following photograph:

Little Haven

It’s evidence, he says, of some old duffer’s total disregard for the recently-introduced voluntary smoking ban at Little Haven beach.

He says some people he’s shown it to even think it bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain grumpy councillor who should be setting a good example.

Alas, the rumours of my website’s demise were ill-founded.

But I trust you council-watchers haven’t been without anything interesting to read since my last post.

Whilst I’ve been quiet, the author of that other website, Cllr. Mike Stoddart, has been regaling us all with his cause célèbre.

That’s the widely-reported fraud allegations he’s uncovered in the Pembroke Dock historic property restoration grant scheme funded with public money administered by Pembrokeshire County Council.

See: Fair cop(y) (March 22nd) and About face (March 29th.)

The saga and the outrageous whitewashing that’s gone on has been well-reported by the local media as well as BBC News, Private Eye magazine and many others.

One of the names that crops up in Old Grumpy’s recent dispatches is the county council’s European manager, Gwyn Evans.

JW has quite a story to report concerning a bizarre effort Mr. Evans and the authority’s retired monitoring officer, Laurence Harding, went to, to try and throw me off balance after I showed an interest in the emerging irregularities in the publicly-funded grant scheme.

The elaborate bid to put me on the back foot began in December 2013, when the authority was well into its denial-overdrive stage concerning Mike’s allegations.

Those with an interest in the Pembroke Dock grant irregularities will recall that, only a few months later the council had no option but to self-refer a dossier of fraud allegations to the police.

However the bid to silence me didn’t stop there. It ran right through to September 2014 – by which time I had become a member of the county council’s audit committee tasked with a formal investigation into the fraud allegations – which was itself a sham!

In due course I’ll publish the full machinations of the dirty trick which, ultimately, saw the council’s over-determined, bungling, erstwhile monitoring officer overreach himself.

Unbelievable development on the smoking ban – click here!.

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  • While I admit to having a coat exactly like that, and to being in Little Haven last Friday, the smoke obscuring the face of the vaper in your photo leaves some doubt as to the identity of the subject.

    Also, last Friday was April 1 so your readers would be well advised to treat this with a pinch of salt.

    However, assuming it is me (and I’m admitting nothing) it is sad that this once promising website is so desperate that it has to rely on the paparazzi for its stories.

    Whatever the identity of the vaper, we all owe him a debt of gratitude for standing up to the authoritarians who seek to control every aspect of our lives.

    In any case, whoever it was has some way to go before he emulates August Landmesser.

  • Flashbang

    Calling that a beach is being overly generous or is that what you get when you order a beach from one of PCC’s preferred contractors?

  • Welshman 23

    Welcome back Jacob, I thought you had been silenced by farmer Adams and warned off your investigative journalism.

    When will action be announced on the grants fiasco or are they waiting for the next elections?

  • Observer

    Mike, Jacob didn’t say anything about vaping…gotcha!

  • Richard Saies

    It’s a cleverly disguised member of the IPPG trying to create a smokescreen to conceal their skulduggery!!

  • Observer, very clever – with those sort of analytical skills, you should try writing a blog.

    Sorry to rain on your parade/pee on your bonfire, but the smoke from a proper cigarette is altogether different than that produced by a vaping device.

    Nice try, but no cigar, as they say.

  • Observer

    Nice try!

  • Michael Williams

    I did note the photo of the Old Duffer wandering the foreshore. I had heard that his nurse had reported his escape recently, but the police are reassuring the public that he is harmless to all except IPPG group members. If found please return him to his carers. To capture him bait the trap with cheap Merlot.

  • PreseliView

    Following the Cameron precedent we’re looking forward to reading the income tax summaries of young Jacob and Old Grumpy. Maybe not as interesting as some IPPG members.

  • Flashbang

    I’ve just read that other troublemaker’s latest attempt at besmirching the noble Dyfed-Powys police and PCC.

    He doesn’t mention who in DPP signed the email that crime is no longer crime because they say so. The email is so ludicrous that someone should check just what is making the smoke in the above picture, my guess is the late Howard Marks would approve of his choice.

    Did he make up the emails content as it appears to be from a template by Lewis Carroll? Surely the DPP couldn’t be so lax as to be condoning crime and covering up dodgy deals on behalf of certain persons in PCC?

  • PreseliView, you might be amused by this tale from the past:


  • Flashbang, my reply to the police did ask whether this email was the work of an ex-Monty Python script writer.

    Though, as you say, it might just as easily have been the White Queen, who, as I recall, had the ability to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

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