Jacob Williams
Wednesday 13th April, 2016

Holy smoke!

Holy smoke!

NIGEL FARAGE: Huw George is ‘appalling human being’ and ‘ghastly puritan!’ (AUDIO BELOW)

They say good things come to those who wait.

And my month-long blogging lull may have been worth it for you council-watchers.

Since returning I’ve posted twice.

The first concerned a shadowy figure puffing away on Little Haven beach in defiance of the county council’s recently-introduced smoking ‘ban.’

The other was yesterday’s revelation that Pembrokeshire council’s bungling cabinet member the ‘Rocking Reverend’ Cllr. Huw George is standing for the Welsh Assembly as the candidate of a newly-formed oxymoronic ‘independent’ political party (worth a read if I may say so.)

But I had no idea that on Sunday both topics collided in a cataclysmic manner on the BBC airwaves creating what can only be described as radio gold.

Cllr. George is the PCC cabinet member responsible for the council department which brought in the hare-brained ‘voluntary smoking ban.’

Many see it as a naff publicity stunt and it’s been almost universally panned in the UK’s media commentary.

Among the criticisms levelled at this nanny state ‘ban’ supposedly introduced in the name of health, it’s pointed out that it even targets practically non-carcinogenic vaping pens – widely considered by health gurus as useful aids for smokers kicking the habit.

But the obvious focus for derision has been that it’s voluntary and totally unenforceable.

It’s absolutely meaningless!

BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour recorded a feature on the ‘ban’ which aired late Sunday night in which a roving reporter interviewed the bubbly Cllr. George on Little Haven beach.

His excitable tone for us little people was, to say the least, somewhat overbearing.

Cut back to the studio, the presenter was joined by none other than the real ale-swilling and unashamed smoker, Nigel Farage.

Right from the off UKIP’s leader can be heard gasping and huffing in astonishment at our Huw’s performance in front of the mic, before his turn where he launches into a stinging attack on the member for Maenclochog.

I’m indebted to Elizabeth Cook, who drew my attention to this encounter via my Facebook page.

Nige certainly doesn’t pull any punches:

“Mr. George sounds to me like the most appalling human being and I hope I never have to meet him…”

“He was a ghastly puritan…”

Before asking what next will be banned?

“God help us, let’s get rid of these awful people, we don’t need them!”

Striking a conciliatory tone, the presenter butted in to say that she was sure Farage didn’t intend to be insulting towards Huw George.

Au contraire! The UKIP MEP continued his pummelling:

“Oh no, I do! No, I do! No I really do actually – he sounds ghastly!”

All this and he’s probably never even met the poor old chap.

What is it they say about smoke and fire?!

Listen to the whole segment here, Farage lets rip 4:40 in:

Holy smoke!


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  • Flashbang

    The thought of this sanctimonious hypocrite being elected to the WA is just too much, he expects everyone to listen to the word of his god except himself.

    As a man of religion Huw you need to lead by example and your doings in the PCC don’t exactly follow the teachings of your god. Have a good look at yourself Huw and see what we see.

  • Ivor Whistle

    Not sure if Huw George has mirrors in his house Flashbang, unless it’s the one he asks every morning…mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest in County Hall…

    Not sure if he may like the answer though.

    It’s yet another case of do as I say rather than do as I do (which is reserved for councillors etc). Although, if he is elected to the WA, then he’ll be in good company!

    But, I suppose, that’s what politics have degenerated into.

    The problem with putting yourself up on a pedestal, you are making yourself an easier target, with the result that you need to be seen to be acting properly. Councillors appear to think that once they are elected, that’s it, and they forget their role that they are elected to carry out!

  • John Hudson

    Can I look forward to an “Independent” manifesto for the assembly election?

    Now that there is a formal Independent Political Party, I hope that there will be one for the next local election and that candidates will declare themselves as supporters, if not members, before the election.

  • Black Sheep of Lamphey

    What a shame it was not a live debate on air, can you imagine Huw’s intellectual exchange…with Nigel.

    I firmly believe you could sell tickets for that.

  • Clive Davies

    Apart from real ale I thought I had nothing in common with Farage. But I do!!! And it’s not smoking.

    The puzzling thing is shouldn’t Huw George be standing for the Flat Earth Society where he could put his Pancakeology to the best use??

    Or has he finally ‘flipped’!?

  • Timetraveller

    Nigel’s greatest asset in politics is that he knows how to hit the nail on the head.

  • Pembs. Exile

    Why has Little Haven attracted the attention of Clr. Huw George? Does he not have a beach in his fiefdom?

    As a committed environmentalist he should refrain from polluting the atmosphere with “smoke screens”.

  • Don Key

    From the comments above it would seem that many of the “serial” commentators on here are UKIP supporters! Probably read the Daily Mail too! Kick out the migrants, get out of Europe, cut overseas aid, all council decisions are terrible! If they were US citizens they would be voting for Trump! All they do is criticise but never offer any positive solutions. Sad people.

  • What a very ‘positive’ contribution you offer, Don Key. ‘Solutions’ galore!

    I don’t know what would make somebody like you believe that to think Huw George is a clot or to criticise the council it is a prerequisite to read the Daily Mail, support UKIP or agree with Donald Trump.

    That really would be a sad state of affairs!

  • Jacob, I wonder if the pseudonym Don Key is an indication that the author of this comment might be a punster who featured in your similarly titled Golden DonQui awards?

  • Flashbang

    Don Key, we have been offering positive solutions to PCC for years but they are ignored because the likes of the egregious Huw George are in charge.

    Painting almost all on here with the same brush shows you to be a bit shallow in your thinking. Could you please expand on which PCC decisions aren’t terrible?

    I think most of us have missed the news on those. You wouldn’t happen to be one of Huw’s grubby little colleagues or a fellow god botherer would you?

  • Malcolm Calver

    Come off it Jacob, the man cannot be that bad…was he not a member of her majesty’s constabulary? And also a keen farmer as I believe he also walked or tramped the fields of Pembrokeshire.

    The local paper reports also indicate that he officiates at funerals so like it or not he may be in attendance even after we have left this world.

  • Dave Edwards

    Sorry to disappoint you Don Key, but this serial contributor has been a Labour Party member for 51 years and thinks that the Daily Mail is only fit for taking the place of the old Radio Times on its nail behind the door of the ty bach at the end of the garden.

  • Flashbang

    Having just read the other troublemaker’s latest bleat about the integrity of Dyfed-Powys Police and their special relationship with certain elements at PCC I think everyone here should email the Professional Standards Department and ask why there is no action into the investigations of corruption in the Pembroke Dock grant schemes.

    If enough people are asking the question they might just pull their fingers out and earn their money for a change.

    I would also be happy to contribute to a legal action by Mike Stoddart to sue councillor David Pugh for slander/libel, any other takers?

  • Clive Davies

    Agreeing with Farage’s assessment of Old Father William – sorry Huw – doesn’t imply agreement with Farage’s unpleasant views.

    The only English language ‘paper I read is the Racing Post and much good it’s done me. Perhaps then I’m a bigger clot than either Farage or George. Or Haw Haw – sorry Hee Haw.

    But I like to think a lot more harmless.

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